Letter to Congratulate a Friend on His First Publication

A letter of congratulation is written to a friend in this sample. The friend has published his first article in an established newspaper. You express your happiness by writing a short and simple letter to congratulate him. This letter is a good gesture and through that you become a part of the celebration of success. You make the person feel proud of his achievements.

It should clearly mention the achievements that you are congratulating for in the very beginning of the letter. This helps the reader in understanding the purpose of writing the letter. The letter of this type should be full of positive energy. The tone has to be soft and enthusiastic. This letter has to be short and concise. This sample is an example of how a person can succeed after a lot of hard work. This feeling should feature in the letter.

Paul Young
1301 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest,
Washington, DC,
United States
(202) 347-8630

February 20, 2009

Sandra Baker
617 Route 9W Box 128,
Glenmont, NY,
United States
(518) 463-3141

Dear Sandra

I am writing this letter to congratulate you for your first article published in newspaper. I was excited to read your first article published in the esteemed newspaper "The Herald". The headline "Can racism impact young minds" was quite interesting and attractive. The article dealt with survey and analysis of young students from different countries who study in New York. It brought out new facets of racism and its influence on youngsters. The article was really good and worth reading.

I have read a lot of your articles and reports from our college days. I know well how good a writer you are. But today, it was fabulous to see your article featuring in one of the leading dailies of the country. It is a great achievement. You have worked hard for this day. Your patience and determination has paid and now all of us will be reading your articles in this newspaper on daily basis. Your ethics have helped you to reach this place. My best wishes for your future endeavors.

Once again, I congratulate you on your first publication. I read the entire article and enjoyed it. I will personally come down to meet you when I will be in the town next month. I will contact you on phone or email you once my travel plans are fixed. I am looking forward to meet you.

Yours truly,

Paul Young

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