Love Letter to Girlfriend

Love is a strong emotion and there is nothing more wonderful in the world as love. A lot of you may have strong feelings to share this with your girlfriend and yet only few of you can put them in words and phrase them on the paper.

Telling a person about how you feel can be a little easier to some people. A love letter can help you give a personal touch to the meaning of love and this is the best way to express your emotions when expressing your emotions face to face becomes awkward. Love letter to girlfriend can be one special present that you can give her.

Love letters are very special for love birds. Although this is the time of emails, yet there are few people for whom love letters offer the best and unique flavor. These letters are personal because they are written by your love himself, and the best time to write these is when you are alone jotting down all your thoughts and feelings for your sweetheart in the letter becomes easier. Nonetheless, love letters are the best way to convey your most inner desires for her.

The following example may help you write a love letter to girlfriend. These letters will surely tell your girlfriend how much she means to you.

To Rose, my love,

May this beautiful day of yours be filled with joy and cheerfulness accompanied with kisses and fondness. May this day bring an everlasting feeling and give you lovable memories of you and me in our days to come in future. Do you still remember this day? It is the day when we both fell in love and vowed to each other to be faithful and truthful.

I always wanted to show you how much I love and care about you. Love, you have locked up my heart and captured my spirit. You are the one to teach the new gist of love.

My darling Rose, you are only mine and a dream come true. Our love has been victory and I give my words that I'll always be loyal to you. The sky is not the edge for our love. I will always love you and our love will be soaring to the highest zenith.

With love, Yours and only yours David

Another romantic letter for your sweetheart can be like the one given below.

My dear beloved Jenny,

Thank you so much for the phone call it has truly lifted my spirits. My heart is overflowing with love and I miss you desperately.

Jenny, I care about you very much. I love you with all my heart. I adore you so much and cherish every moment I spent with you. The gentle touch of your hands and your warm hugs and loving and sensual kisses makes me crazy about you. I am really amazed with what you do to my heart and I simply love this feeling.

Jenny, I long to be with you and love you every time I see your pictures. I love to see the love and adoration in your eyes. I long to feel comfort and peace in your arms. Just waiting for the moment when I can see you and hold you so close to never let you go.

With all the love of a longing heart,


Make her feel special and if she was away from you for a long time, you can write a letter and state how you missed her. The following example will show how you can write a miss you love letter for your girl.

My beloved Jennifer,

I am so glad that you are back. You simply don't have any idea how much I missed you. My arms missed holding you. My eyes missed your beautiful smile. My ears missed the sound of your laughter and I missed the smell of your hair and the taste of your lips. I missed holding your face and staring into your beautiful blue eyes. I missed being held by you and missed to be near you. I missed you sweetheart and I am so glad that you are back.

With love from a longing heart,
- Jason

If you are deeply in love, the thoughts of writing some very beautiful letters to your girlfriend may be the best to surprise you can give her. A time comes in everyone's life when 'I love you' letters become very important. A small preparation can work well in writing such letters. There are people who may not be comfortable talking about their deepest feeling and emotion and in such a situation they prefer writing down a love letter that provides an avenue to open their heart.

Another great idea you can incorporate in your love letter is to include a touching and a lovely love poem. Such type of verse or two will help expressing your feeling better and I guess will make your love letter to girlfriend even sweeter and romantic.

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