Love Letters to Husband

When was the last time that you have scribed some words of appreciation to your husband? These love letters to husbands are much better way to show your feelings and emotions to your loving partners. This is the best way to tell them how much they mean to you.

Many of the married couples are caught up in everyday life and this allows missing the little things that may over shadow the very things that can be regarded as major problems. Whether your marriage has problems or is a perfect one, it is always good to express your feeling to your spouse be it the happy things or the problems. Hence, I feel these letters will surely ignite that spark in your marriage again.

Get some great ideas to write love letters from the following samples of love letter to my husband

Dearest Hubby,

Let me start off by showering you with some sensational kisses and never ending tight hugs for always. You have always been there for me in sickness and in health and in sorrows and in laughter. You have always been the strongest shoulder to lean whenever I am sad.

Darling, I can only imagine how big our relationship has grown in the last five years. I have been in your arms while we watched the stars spell our names all night long.

Sweetheart, my life is incomplete without you and I can't imagine my life without you. We may be thousand miles apart physically, but I have always felt your warmth, through your voice, whenever you have called, and through the letters you have written till now. You are always there in my dreams holding me in your arms. Sometimes, I even feel you sitting by my side and watching me asleep.

My heart awaits for your return. Hope the time flies off soon, and you come back home. Hugs and kisses to you, my darling..

With love,
- Yours and only yours,
- Wifey

Another great love letter sample for your husband is given below:

Dear Hun,

Baby, when I think about the sadness and happiness we share, the things you say and do to show how much you love and care, I can't help myself feeling special and lucky. I am so proud to have you in my life. I am so lucky to have the whole world's finest husband is the man who married me. I love you so much and that will never change'.

I appreciate everything about us living and being together. I have cherished the good times filled with family fun and the close times when we reach out for each other with so much of love and care. The times when we struggled because we have learned to understand and love each other more along the way. Our relationship in the true sense has become stronger than we have ever imagined and more than ever.

With each passing years I have realized how much I have loved you and wanted you. You are my friend and lover. You are my past, present and future. You are my hope, you are my joy, and you are my strength. You have given me precious gifts that no money can buy. These gifts will always be treasured in my heart and memories which will always live within my soul.

Thank you for always being there and listening even when I talk something rubbish. Thank you for encouraging me when I doubted myself and thank you for being my best friend in every sense of the word. I love you...

Sometimes in a special moment when I see you being a caring father, it makes me see you as if for the first time and I realize that I am falling in love with you again.

Love you darling and will always do


Sometime you like to make your husband feel special and loved. Thus, writing a romantic letter for your husband will surely give more strength to your relationship and married life. The following love letter sample for your husband will show you how you can write it.

My dearest Max,

When we first met, we were totally leading a different lifestyle in our own ways. I still remember that we were so naive and young with innocence filled eyes and having the power of a fully starry romance, and how we decided to get married and spend our life with each other.

The numerous problems that have come our way before getting married and the several difficulties we have faced after marriage have made our relation strong. You have given me all I wanted in my life, the strength and integrity of our love. I love you for being my husband and am proud of being your wife. I promise to be beside you during any tough phase of our life.

Thanks sweetheart for making my dreams come true and treating the queen of our love island.

Your love,
- Kim

These love letters to husband are best when handwritten, as they give a personal touch and make your sentiments that are captured in the letter all the special. Make sure that you jot down what you feel and be sincere as this will surely bring a smile on his face. Surprise him by putting the love note or the love letter in places where he can find it easily. This can be inside his briefcase, the seat of his car, or inside his coat pocket. You can also tape it inside his phone or his computer.

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