Marketing Letter of Introduction Sample

A good marketing letter is always helpful to increase the sales and performance of business. The marketing letter of introduction sample helps make a profession impression and improve the sales cycle. This is similar to a business letter of introduction. The main idea behind this is to introduce either an individual or a company to another person. This can also be used to introduce a product or kind of service to the fellow members of the business community.

The basic marketing letter of introduction should include the following points:

If it is possible, address the letter to a specific person who is within the concerned organization. Mention in the letter "you will be following up with a phone call to make the appointment with him or her."

Additional information or background information can take the form of personal comments such as, "I have been doing business with (Name of the company or the individual being introduced) for (number of years) now and I think you may be interested to earn the benefits as well. The benefits I have gained working with (company's name or the individual) are given here (list the benefits)." The letter should be clear and written in a proper concise style. The marketing letter of introduction should be of three to four paragraphs in length. In addition to this, the letter should include contact information as this should help your addressee to contact the person concerned or the business discussed that is being introduced in the letter. The tone of the letter should be such that it should not make the recipient feel pressurized to do so.

Marketing letter of introducing a product or service

In this form of letter of introduction, you have to get the right to the point. Mention the name and product or service in the first paragraph of the letter, and then go on to the list that contains the features and benefits of the product or the service it can offer. The list can be -

It is also a good idea to provide a brief introduction about the business offering the product and the service. Include the name of the founder (or founders) and why the business was formed and how long the company has been in business.

Finally ensure that the letter is easy for the recipient to learn more. Apart from the letter, include a business card or a flyer. Other contact details such as phone number or a web address or a toll free number should also be included in the letters. If you want the calls to be made within specific hours of the day, make sure you specify in the letter. Lastly conclude saying "if the addressee has any query or question, the company's representative will respond to the questions"

Recipient's address


Dear (Recipient's name),

Every company aims to have the maximum number of sales every year. Hence, it is one excellent idea to have a training of how to generate sales in the business. Lots of big and popular companies (mention their names) have chosen sales agents as a part of the training in sales.

The team concerned will have to learn the program as they will be responsible for the sales. The course will run for 40 hours which can go for five days. This program will transform the employees into experts to get sales contracts. The program aims to train the employees and eventually become experts in the selling process, colleague coaching and skills in sales management. As you know all these aspects will involve sales.

Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any related questions. We will contact you every now and then.


(Your signature)

(Your full name)

You can have look on another sample of marketing letter of introduction. Here a product has been introduced.

Goldstar General Manager

(Recipient's address)


Dear Mr. / Mrs. (Recipient's name)

Our company is proud to offer an environmental friendly bag that has impressive quality. This comes at a very reasonable rate of $5. In addition to this, the bags have beautiful design that makes it look trendy and fashionable.

If you looking for a clean as well as a fashionable bag that is also environmental friendly then these bags are perfect for you. If you want to get these bags please contact us at (insert the contact detail).

Yours truly,

(Your name) (Title)

These are some marketing letter of introduction samples that give a nice way of presenting the product or services in a letter.

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