Mortgage Marketing Letter Sample

Mortgage marketing is an important activity for a loan originator and writing letters on it is a must for them. Marketing as you know is the process that drives any kind of business and makes the products popular among the crowd. These letters should be dedicated, clear, engaging and effective. You can get a basic idea as to how to write these letters with the help of mortgage marketing letter sample given below. But before giving the sample, let us see the benefits of mortgage letters.

Benefits of mortgage letters

The success in the mortgage depends on the continuous support of qualified customers. Some of the benefits that are earn from mortgage letters are given below:

Mortgage marketing letters should not be sent to everyone and it is extremely important to know whom to write the letters to. The main aspect of the letter is that it should grab the attention of the reader. Hence the start of the letter should be impressive and should not bore the customer. Also, make sure you explain your points to the customer with a clear note. Hence, use very less creativity and techniques as these are generally not needed in these types of letters.

A sample for mortgage marketing letter is given below. This can help you provide the necessary guidelines.

Dear (Name of the client)

There are probably a number of reasons that you invested in a home, stability, security, the benefits of accruing equity and the pride of ownership.

Do you spend each month sufficient amount for your mortgage? If you have been paying your mortgage, there is a good chance of you being qualified to profitably refinance your home and you may ultimately receive the benefits of lower mortgage payments.

Allow me to introduce myself! My name is (your name), and I am full service mortgage area. I'd like to get back to you to discuss few options for refinancing. This will help you achieve a fantastic loan that can save a lot of your money and in the near future.

As a broker, I will guide and ensure you about the procedures involved. You will be fully informed as to the best possible options and I will advice you accordingly. You can trust me and I will make every effort to make this refinancing which eventually will lead to your success.

You can call me at (insert your contact detail), or visit my website at (insert your web address) for further information about refinancing.


(Your name)

Mortgage letters if written in an effective manner can take you far in business. This is an effective way to offer services and help persuade prospective clients to avail services. Another sample to write these types of letters is given below:

(Name of the client)

(Date: MM/DD/YYYY)

Dear (Name of the client),

It is our pleasure to ask you to watch the opening of our new firm, (name of your company) which is a mortgage marketing company on (insert the date and the timing here). Our team is made up of workers who are dedicated to their respective jobs and are experts in that field. The service we offer include helping individual and businesses that arranges loans from various banks for personal as well as business purposes.

The lists of benefits that we plan in giving our clients are:

  • Speedy processing time
  • Negotiable installments terms
  • Low interest rates
  • Discounts for those who pay earlier

Here are lists of affiliated banks for loan applications:

  • The MNOP prudential
  • The TIJ Bank
  • The IMCD bank

Our officers will be present on the day of launching the business and I assure you that your presence will be worthwhile as you will be able to discover the reason why you can trust and rely on us.

We aim to do productive business deals with you and build stronger bonds.

Thanks and Regards,
(Your name)

Tips on writing mortgage marketing letters:

You can gain attention of some very good and prospective clients to get them interested in the services the company offers through your mortgage marketing letters.

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