New Sales Representative Announcement Letter

Whenever a new sales representative takes over a position, the sales manager has to inform about his or her appointment to the customers of that area. The letter works as a platform through which a new appointee is introduced to others. It includes the name of the sales representative, and talks about his or her skills, qualities and work experience. This helps the customers in knowing the representative before starting professional relationship with him or her. You can mention about the person's past performance in a brief manner.

In the end of the letter, mention a line saying that the representative will contact and fix an appointment to meet the recipients of the letters personally. This letter is a way to make the customer familiar with the new sales representative.

Christopher Adams
Sales Manager
Focus Printing Company
359 North Lexington-Springmill Road
Ontario, OH 44862
(419) 529-2577

February 13, 2014

Jeff Evans
Administrative Officer
ABC Publications Ltd.
1991 South Baney Road
Ashland, OH 44805

Dear Mr. Evans:

It gives me a great pleasure to announce that Susan Parker will be the new sales representative in your area. She will be looking into your orders, and helping you in buying the latest products of our company.

Susan has an experience of five years. She was working in our Texas branch. Now, she has shifted to Ohio to join her family. She is an expert in selling all the products in printing industry and is a great person to work with. She is dynamic and full of energy. The best thing you would like about her is that she loves help others and solve problems. We have complete confidence and trust in her.

You have been our valuable customer for such a long time. You have co-operated with us, and therefore, our professional relationship has flourished. We request you to extend the same type of cooperation to Susan. She will contact you to fix an appointment and meet in person with you.

Yours truly,

Christopher Adams

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