Sample of a Parking Ticket Dispute Letter

The parking laws are for the safety of the people and to help ease the traffic flow. These laws and regulations should benefit everyone. However, mistakes do happen and it could be due to an unclear sign, overzealous parking, and technology faults or may be due to an honest error. Parking ticket is issued to people who park their vehicles in a restricted place. It is a ticket that is given to an offender when he or she violates a traffic regulation. These tickets are unavoidable for people especially leaving or working in a suburban area. In some cases the issued parking tickets are not on valid grounds. In such a situation when a parking ticket is issued by mistake then the concerned person can dispute on it. You can take an idea from this sample of a parking ticket dispute letter.

Also, you can appeal against the parking ticket if you feel that the police officers are mistaken.

The given sample letter is to appeal against a parking ticket especially when the ticket was issued when you were not the owner of the car.

[First of all you have to write your name, complete address and the contact detail such as your telephone number.] [The next thing you need to write is the Issuing Authority's address]

Dear Sir,

Penalty charge notice number:
Date of issue:
Vehicle registration number:]

I am writing this letter to challenge the above penalty charge notice. As according to the per road traffic act 1991, my challenges are on the grounds. The time the penalty charge notice was issued, I was not the owner of the mentioned car.

[After this you should state if the parking laws were done by the previous owner or by the new owner. Apart from this, give every possible detail as to when your ownership of the said vehicle began or stopped.] [Give the necessary evidence with the letter] please find the evidence enclosed with this letter with regard to the ownership of the vehicle in the form of [give the complete details and the reason why it should be taken as a proof.]

The contact detail of the vehicle owner at the time the charge was issued is as follows:

[New/ previous owner's name and address]

I hope I made everything clear and I look forward to receive a notification regarding the penalty charge made on my favor has been canceled within the next couple of weeks.

If you require any further information regarding the matter, please free to call me on the mentioned address.

Yours sincerely,

[Give your signature and then write below it your full name]

The next sample letter is an appeal against the parking ticket if the vehicle was taken without your consent. Just like the previous letter, you have to write down your address and the full contact details along with the address of the issuing authority.

Penalty charge notice number:
Date of issue:
Vehicle registration number:]

I am writing this to formally challenge the above penalty charge notice that has been made in my favor.

In accordance to the road traffic road act 1991, my challenge is on the basis that at the time of the above penalty charge notice, my vehicle was taken without my consent.

I reported the vehicle was stolen to the (mention where you have made complaint) and on (state the date of the complaint) which was issued with the following crime reference number [No: xxxxxx].

I remain the legal owner of the vehicle as it was recovered and returned to me on [Date]. But as you would see from the enclosed evidence, the vehicle was not in my care at the time when the penalty charge was issued.

For this reason I look forward to receive a positive notification that my liability for the penalty charge notice has been voided within 3 weeks.

Yours sincerely,
- [Write your full name]

In short, the steps you need to follow while writing such parking ticket dispute letters are:

  • Check with the state's rules for parking violations as each state has its own parking ticket laws and certain methods to deal with the dispute parking tickets.

  • The next thing you do is to call the phone number which is stated on the letter and verbally speak before you write the letter.

  • You can ask for an administrative review if your phone investigator believes the parking ticket was not a mistake.

  • Lastly you need to file the appeal and request for a hearing, even if the administrative review determines that the parking ticket was issued correctly and there were no mistakes involved.

The sample of a parking ticket dispute letter will help you as to how to write such letters and make your facts clear that it was not your fault.

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