Permission Letters

The best way to write permission letters is to refer to letters written by professionals. This will help you to get the right words to write such letters. The best way to start such letters is by using words such as, "I hereby give the permission to" which means that this will provide consent to the other party to perform a specific task on their behalf. Keep in mind that the letter should have the original signature and must not have any restrictions, stipulations and conditions.

Whether you ask for permission or give it, the best thing you have to do is you follow the standard business style letter and make the letter simple, brief and focused as this will provide easy understanding to your reader. And always proofread your letter as this will help to correct the errors and also eliminate any punctuation or grammar error in the letter.

Permission letters are meant for specific person for specific authority. The letter should be addressed to the person concerned who is about to receive the letter. For example: a school teacher asking for permission to have authority over the children. The letter should clearly state the type of authority that is being given for instance whether authority for a school picnic, pick up car facility, accept a package, etc.

"Permission" is a request that requires approval to go ahead with a certain action. However, you need to know that every request or permission does not get approval or consent. These types of letters are generally used in schools and colleges and here the management requires an authorized person to grant the permission. Another point that you need to know about these types of letters is that the permission letters are asked for and never demanded. These types of letters are also used for business field and other different kinds of approvals.

Some important points to consider while writing letters for permission should clearly state who has the permission to write it and what the content should be and also have the first and the last name of the person who you are giving the permission to.

Instruction to be followed while writing permission letters :

  • First thing you should remember is that the letter written should contain all the details. Hence, use the name of the person concerned. Use both the first and the last name as this will avoid any kind of confusion.

  • The letter should grant permission of the specific thing that is asked for. For example: a field trip that to the park or any sleepover with the youth group. You also have to mention the date and the location of the activity in the same letter.

  • Mention and specify the concerned person who gets the permission to carry out the duty in the letter. For instance, a day care taker to transport your child to the field trip. Here you can list out the name of the day care taker and also the name of the specific person concerned.

  • Give the exact detail as to what you are asking the permission for.

  • Keep a copy of the letter of permission for your own records and avoid any kind of misunderstanding and miscommunications in the future.

These letters can be formal and friendly but does not have to lengthy. For business permission approval letters, this can be used as a tool to maintain a healthy relationship and give assurance to your reader. This will help build a healthy business relationship and would continue to do so.

For job related permission, it is more for promotion transfer or may be approval for permission of a project. This can be written with a congratulatory note. In the letter you can appreciate the reader for the achievements and all the hard work. This is a great way to praise the employee along with the increase of the salary status. Make sure you do not portray any kind of envy or jealousy and the words you choose should show that you are indeed happy for the reader's achievements. It should be showing more of enthusiasm and cheerfulness. You can write the letter as though you are talking to the person directly.

These were some ideas and tips that you can use while writing permission letters.

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