Personal Retirement Congratulations Letter

Writing a personal retirement congratulations letter is a tough ask. True, personal letters are easier to write than the formal ones; but even in a personal letter, selection of words matters a lot. The person who has retired is an elderly person and respect for that person should be seen in every word in such a letter.

The person taking retirement has devoted all his life to a particular work. Retirement is indeed a sweet but tender incident. Retirement is the end of one role in a person's life and the beginning of another. The one who retires, deserves admiration for his relentless work for a long time, for the devotion shown by that person and his dedication towards his work. This is the time to send a retirement congratulations letter.

When someone from your close acquaintances retires, sending a personal retirement congratulations letter is a nice way to take note of the occasion. The letter you are supposed to write will be an informal kind of communication and hence there won't be any rigid format of letter writing to follow. Just remember; be simple in your expressions. You can use words generously and need not worry about the length of the letter. However, too lengthy a letter will become a prosy piece of writing.

You should congratulate the recipient on the completion of a long career and extend him your best wishes for his future. You can take a brief account of the important achievements in the career of the recipient. You are even free to use flowery language in this letter; but the letter should be readable. The tone of the letter should solemn yet pleasing. The writer is free to knit the web of words. Here follows a sample personal retirement congratulations letter.

Date: 23/03/2011
Dear Sir

Let me congratulate you at the very outset on your retirement! I know this is a tender moment for a person like you who devoted all his life to the teaching profession. Feeling of consummation must be all pervasive in your mind; but I know you must be sad as well. I have been your student. I am writing this letter to extend my best wishes for your future journey of life.

Sir, the way you worked as a teacher is really commendable. You never went after money and valued quality. You loved the teaching profession through and through. I remember you telling me that teacher is the real builder of the nation. Teacher is the maker of doctors, engineers, leaders and pleaders. And I am proud to note that I am the student of one of those real builders of our nation.

Sir, your intelligence, you methods of explaining, your techniques of making the topic simple and interesting are just matchless. I studied under your guidance; but that was not just the academic transition of knowledge. It was much more than that. You taught us how to look at life positively. You showed us how to see beauty in each and every object around us. You have always been our friend and philosopher first and then a guide.

Sir, we all are going to miss your invaluable guidance in the college and I am sure you too will miss all of us. For the last thirty five years, coming to college well before time, engaging lectures, taking a willing part in all the college activities and being a great help to all had become your daily routine. I know this change is going to be difficult for you to accept.

Sir, it's time for you to take rest and look after yourself. You have exerted yourself a lot. I pray to God to give keep you in the pink of health after retirement. I pray to God to give you a long life. I am sure, you will always be accessible to us. We need your guidance at every walk of life.

Your student,

This is one way to write a personal retirement congratulations letter. You can use your words while drafting such a letter. Feel free even to pick up some of the sentences from the above sample.

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