Personal Sample Congratulations Letter for Winning an Award

Wining an award is indeed a special achievement. When someone from your close acquaintances wins an award in some competition or when he/she is felicitated for some noteworthy work, you must take a note of it. A congratulations letter written to the winner is a nice way to extending your wishes to him/her. Such a letter proves to be an encouragement to the winner for future achievements.

Personal congratulations letters are easier to write than the professional ones. These are written to relatives, friends and people who are very close to you. The recipient here being your near and dear, you are not expected to follow any rigid format of letter writing. You can use words generously and need not worry about the length of the letter. However, make sure that you don't end up in writing something too lengthy and prosy.

Suppose you are writing a congratulations letter to some elderly person who has recently won an award for his special contribution to the society. Here the recipient being your acquaintance this will be an informal type of communication. However, since you are writing to an elderly person, your respect for the recipient should be evident in the letter. You are supposed to take a note of the special achievement of the recipient, congratulate him/her and extend best wishes for his/her future achievements. The tone of the letter should be light and pleasant and can even use flowery language.

Here follows a sample of a personal congratulations letter written to uncle on his winning the 'Beacon Light Award' for the year 2011 for his selfless service to society. This is just a format and not the only way to write such a letter.

My Dear Uncle Michael

Congratulations! Congratulations!! Hearty Congratulations!!!

I can't tell you how happy I am to tell everyone that my uncle Mr. Michael Hopes has won the prestigious "Beacon Light" award for the year 2011 for his relentless and selfless service to society. Wow! Congratulations!

You can imagine how I am faltering for words while writing this congratulations letter. The fact that Mr. Michael Hopes whom the entire country knows as a great social worker and a reformer is my uncle makes me proud. The way you have worked for the destitute, poor, needy and crippled so far is really a beacon light for all the others who want to follow your footsteps and serve as a social worker. The NGOs that you founded have been serving the society for more than three decades now and you have shown that if we decide to bring about the social change, we can. I know you believe in 'Service to man is service god' and you have realized the picture of our society you dreamt about before three decades.

Uncle, the award that you have won is a note of your work taken by those for whom you spent these important years of your life. I think you getting this award this year is the honor of this honor in a true sense. You have always been my inspiration and I am sure your exemplary work will indeed inspire many youngsters like me and you will get the young brigade to carry forward your work.

We all are coming to London this Friday to congratulate you in person. Uncle, I pray to God to give you the strength to change the thing you can. Once again hearty congratulations!


This is one of the ways to write a congratulations letter for winning an award. You can congratulate your kith and kin in your own words on their achievements. The letter above will definitely prove a great help to you while you draft your congratulations letter.

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