Personal Sponsorship Letter

A personal Sponsorship letter is written when a person has planned for fundraising. A person can organize the fundraising program in person to help others. People who work as volunteers to collect financial support for helping poor people or gifts for children invite the donors by writing personal sponsorship letter. These letters are directly written to the donors, so they must be written in personal tone. The donor must feel a personal tone in the letter.

The sponsors need to contact the person who has invited their financial assistance. You must include the cause for which you are requesting sponsorship, your goal and the advantage of your efforts.

Personal Sponsorship letter Sample

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Date: February 16, 2008

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Dear Mr. XYZ

Physical disability is a major hindrance in the progress of a human being. Hundreds of thousands people are physically disabled. I invite you to contribute your financial support to help me achieving the 10 million dollars fundraising for these people.

On February 20, 2008, I will be performing a magic show at Town Hall to gather support for my efforts. The fund raised from this show will be used to help the physically disabled people. I will provide some instruments and financial support to all those people who are the victims of physical disability. For this noble cause, many organizations and donors are supporting me through several ways. My magic show completely depends upon your support.

I am working for the same cause for two years, and I am receiving great support from people during the campaigns. This year, around 500 supporters have announced their active participation in my campaign. I believe that this support will increase every day and I can meet my goal $1.0 million for helping physically disabled people. The Department of health of our local government is also ready to work with me.

I hope that you will provide your valuable support to my efforts and help the people who are in need. Your financial assistance is appreciated and worth to save someone's life from pity.

Thanks for your kind assistance to achieve my goal.


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