Promotion Letters

Promotion letters are meant from employers to employees to foster incentive for work and help in generating motivation among the staff. The letter should contain positive services of the employee which should be linked up to the promotion. Make sure that the letter should send a clear message to the staff that promotion is something that should be earned and not be taken for granted. The letters are intended for a 'Record' and hence, it should be written carefully to satisfy all the legal requirements. The tone of the letter should be appreciation of the good work performed by the employee. It should also serve the purpose of explaining the employer with the new role of the organization and what is like going to be for instance who is he or she going to report and who will be working under their managerial capacity.

A promotion is something that everyone thrives for and works hard to achieve it. This is something that comes to only who is considered deserving by the employer. The promotion letters are written as a reward in your current job for your brilliant performance in the company. This can be based on completing a particular period of time in the company. These letters follow a strict format and may vary depending on the seniority of promotion. The letter is written in official language.

Most of the promotion letters are released by the HR department on the orders of management of the concerned department of the company. The basic content of the letter is about the employee's new salary format. The letter may also be written by the employee to the management and remind them of the completion of specific time span or the good work done by the employee in case if he or she feels that the case been ignored by the management.

The promotion letter is an influential letter in the life of an employee. Hence it is important to keep the tone of the letter as inspirational and motivational. It is good if you use adjectives carefully while drafting the letter. And the letter should precede the announcement of promotion. It is not a good idea to take your employee by surprise and he or she should be informed. This then should be informed to the entire organization.

Two points should be kept in mind while writing letter. One the letter should be short and precise, and two, to include the current position of the employee and the new position who she or he will be reporting to along with the promotion to the effective date. Also, mention all the benefits that will come with the promotion.

Some do's and don't while writing promotion letters

  • This letter should come after the decision is discussed with the concerned employee.

  • The letter should be inspirational and should motivate the employee. Make sure you use careful adjectives.

  • The letter should be written on the company's letterhead.

  • The monetary benefits should also be mentioned clearly in the letter.

  • The letter should be typed to give it in, "official look"

  • A copy should be given to the employee and the other should be returned to the organization as acceptance of the offer.

  • A copy should be put up on the staff notice board so as to inform the other employees of the organization.

  • Finally while giving out the letter, make sure it does not have any grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors.

Promotion letter format

The format may change depending on the organization you are working for. But three main points that need to be mentioned are almost the same. The general format is given below:

Your name
Name of the organization
Name of the employee
Name of the organization
Salutation/ greetings

Dear Ms/ Mr. (addressee)

The introduction paragraph should focus on the employee's promotion and from when this is effective.

The second paragraph should begin with the expression of approval and the necessary commendation on the part of the employers. You can mention the facts about making the decision on the part of the employee's favor easier. Here you can also praise the accomplishment of the employee. In addition to this you can outline the responsibilities of the new job as well.

In the last paragraph mention when you will be sending out the letter and end the letter with congratulating the employee again.

These are some ideas and tips on how to write promotion letters. This should be worded in the right manner and should satisfy the legal requirements and not be set to precedent all the employees with a 'demand' promotion.

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