Request for Donation Letter

Most of the NGOs or the non profit organization solely depends on alternative source of funds such as donations. This is infact a major contribution in helping these organizations to cover their cost of expenses and all the operations that is required to run the company. To raise funds for a cause can be a challenging task; nevertheless a little effort in the letter can help you reach a large number of potential donors. Thus, your request for donation letter can target interested supporters and donors.

But before you write the letter requesting for the donation, keep in mind some few tips and instructions.

Get an idea as to how to send a request for donation in a letter with the following sample letters.


Address of the recipient:

Dear Mr. / Mrs. (Donor's name)

I am writing this letter on behalf (name of the organization) which started five years ago by (mention the name of the person who started the organization). State the goals and aims of the organization (for example if it aims for imparting education to the children of the slums or the outskirts of the city and have no access to education).

Usually the (here mention to whom the organization target most, be it children, old or other under privileged people). We have taken the responsibility (write here the responsibilities you have undertaken to fulfill the goal of the organization). Our organization has achieved (mention what the organization achieved since it started, for instance the organization has achieved a measurable success in the last few years for educating about thousand of children). To expand our program and help the needy people, we request you make some monetary contribution to the organization. To carry forward our ambitious projects to make our country a better place, we request you to help us financially. Any amount of monetary donations is welcome and we will be highly honored and obliged for the support you have offered.

Thank you for considering our letter and giving us some of your precious time. If you have any queries, please contact us in the given email id and the address mention at the end of this letter. (Give the proper email id and the address along with the contact number and timing when they can contact you).

Thank you,
- (Signature)

(Your Full name)

General sample letter request for donation is given below:


Recipient address:

Dear (Name of the recipient),

I have been a supporter of (charity's name), because of the significant contribution it has made to our community. Without (charity's name), these (number) of people in our community would not have the access to the (type of services the charity provides). They really need to effectively cope with the problem.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for the organization to continue provide their excellent services to them. The reason behind this is due to the increasing costs and the current economic environment. That's the reason why I'm contacting you. I feel strongly about the (charity's name)'s work that I'm reaching out to my (the contacts) to request this financial support for the organization.

Any amount you offer will be put to good use. Your financial help will help the organization to continue providing assistance to all the needy people of the community. Please send your donation amount in the enclosed envelope. You can visit the website for further information about the (charity's name). Thank you in advance for your kind gesture towards our organization.

- (Name)
(Charity supporter)

These are some samples that will give you some idea as to how to request for donation letter. Needless to say, always make the letter look professional in order to get a good image about the organization.

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