Request Second Interview Letter

Interviewing for a new position is never that easy as it looks to be. Even if you think that you are the right candidate, things may not turn the way you want them to be. There are many things that go wrong such as schedule mix-ups that may cause you to arrive late. Your anxious behavior and miscommunications may make you seem either incompetent, poor fit and arrogant for the company. This may greatly diminishes your chances of getting the job. However with request second interview letter, you can convince your fellow employer that you are still the right candidate.

The idea behind a second interview is to build the confidence in yourself and your abilities. And everything else that will follow is natural and virtuous to your advantage.

The second interview letters presents an opportunity for both you and the employer to know one another in more detail. The employer will get to know more about your personality, technical knowledge and social etiquettes that will help to fit within the corporate culture and organization. The interview can also give assess if the company and the corporate philosophy fits with your career goals and objectives and values that you may need.

Tips and instructions for the letter requesting a second interview

A common way after the interview is to send a thank you follow up letters or an email. This by far will help you to recover from a bad interview and give an opportunity to compensate from earlier mistakes. You can also hint on meeting up again but do mention for the second interview yet. If you see all your steps fail and you feel your situation demands some drastic measures. This can be by calling your potential employer and ask for a second chance. However, keep in mind that by asking for a second interview, there is a risk that the interviewer may take it as a sign of weakness. There are some who can be surprisingly accommodating about meeting you again.

The sample letter for a request of a second interview below can help you draw some clear idea.

Your address:


Recipient's full name and address:

Subject: Request for a second interview round

Dear Sir / Ma'am

This letter is a medium to express my gratitude for the opportunity of a second interview round with your organization for the post of (post designation).

If given the chance to work at your organization, then I would ensure that this benefits us mutually. With my past experience and educational qualification, I am sure that I will serve as an efficient employer to your organization. My impression to your organization has only been enhanced after the couple of meeting we had to your office. I look forward on being a part of the team in the near future.

Thank you for the time you took to conduct the interview and for considering me for the post with your organization.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely, (Signature) (Insert here your full name)

There is another type of request letters to conduct an interview from the organization. The following sample will show how this can be:

Dear (candidate's name),

I am pleased to inform you that our board of members are extremely satisfied with your performance during the interview which was conducted on date (insert the date and the year).

According to the board, you have a high caliber for the job of (insert the job designation) which was applied by you. However, we need to clarify a couple of details before we give you the actual offer letter. Our director needs to clarify some issues in person with you. Hence, we have scheduled a second interview on the (insert the date here and also state clearly the time) at our office. Please confirm your availability for the interview by this (mention the day). You can call me on (insert here your contact details).


(Insert your name here)

(Your job designation)

These were some samples and tips as how you can go about in a request second interview letter. Get a better idea about how such letters should look with the above stated samples.

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