Resignation Letter Template

Many people think that they resignation letter is just another letter. However, a well-written resignation letter creates a positive impression on the minds of the reader and you are assured that you leave your current employer on a positive note. The following resignation letter template will help you to organize your resignation letter.

The following resignation letter template also provides you with some tips on how to write your resignation letter. This will make your resignation look professional and will ensure that the process of resignation is smooth. Many organizations impose fine or penalties if an employee does not resign in a formal manner. Merely a verbal statement does not suffice that you have resigned from your position. However, when you plan to resign, it is a good idea to verbally communicate that you plan to resign, and follow up by a written communication.

This is why when employees want to quit their job, are advised to write a formal resignation letter. After you write your letter, make sure that you end on a friendly note. This helps if your next employer is looking for reference. Some organizations might have a fixed procedure for resignation. Before you send your letter, make sure that you have send to the correct authority and have the signatures of the concerned person(s).

Resignation Letter Template

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Recipient's Name
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Name of the organization
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Salutations: Dear (recipient's name) or Sir/Madam,

First Paragraph: "Kindly accept my resignation from the position of a senior editor". State your designation and the date from which the resignation would be effective. Mention the reason of your resignation in brief. Make sure you use a polite and cordial tone.

In the next paragraph, state your past experiences that you shall always cherish and how you were able to grow as an individual. If you are leaving the company because of something unpleasant, then do not write them down here, as this letter shall be kept as a record. If you have to speak about too many things, make sure that you mention them in brief and speak to your colleagues or your superiors about it later.

After this, show that you are sorry for the inconvenience caused because of your resignation, offer for help during the period of transition. Also state that you will do everything possible to minimize the inconvenience.

In the conclusion, thank your employer for providing you this opportunity. Mention how you were able to grow as an individual and the support that was extended to you from your colleagues and other people for their cooperation. End your letter in a friendly manner. (This creates a positive impression on the minds of the reader.)

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