Retirement Acceptance Letter

A retirement acceptance letter is written when the higher authority in the organization accepts your application for retirement. It conveys your acceptance as well as how the person retiring was an asset to the company. It deals with the qualities, skills of the person and how he or she has contributed in the development of the organization. It also showers respect and admiration for the person for spending his or her lifetime in taking the company to its present position.

Further,you can share your personal experiences with the addressee and what you have learned from him or her. The tone used in the letter is soft and polite. It has to be drafted in such a manner that the reader feels proud about his or her achievements. It can be used as a medium to convey best wishes to the person for post-retirement life.

Barbara Wright
Chief Executive Officer
Shell Gas Corporation
1410 East Bridge Street
Redwood Falls, MN 56283
(507) 644-6000

February 11, 2014

Robert Smith
Finance Executive
Shell Gas Corporation
3366 Oakdale Avenue North
Robbinsdale, MN 55422

Dear Mr. Smith:

I am going through a mixed feelings as I read your retirement application. With a heavy heart, I am accepting your retirement letter. It was a tough decision for me as I don't want to lose you. I am happy that on my insistence you changed your decision the last time. But this time, I will not stop you from leaving the organization. I respect your decision.

Your retirement is going to be a huge loss for the company. Personally, it will be a big blow for me. I have always come to you for advice and guidance when dealing with difficult situations. Your experience and expertise have always helped the company and me to come out of bad situations as a winner.

Your moving out of a crucial department like finance will create a great void which will not be easily filled. You have been looking into each and every aspect of finance department for last ten years. I never looked into the department so minutely as other departments because I had full confidence and trust in your abilities and capacities.

Thanks a lot for guiding me and the entire organization. The team of finance department will miss you and your problem-solving abilities. You have been a wonderful leader who has trained young minds in various capacities.

All the best for your life ahead! Enjoy the time with your family and friends. You can now spend your time pursing your hobbies like writing books and playing the piano. I will always come to you for any help I require in my personal as well as professional life.

Yours truly,

Barbara Wright

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