Retirement Announcement Letter

This type of letter is written to announce your retirement from the organization. It mentions the date of retirement and your innermost feelings about the organization. You can talk about the support given to you by your colleagues and guidance by superiors. You describe things you will miss and how you have planned your post-retirement life. You can share happy moments spent, challenging situations handled, and tough decisions taken in the tenure with this organization. The letter is a good gesture to bid good bye to all the people in the organization.

Sample Letter

David Roderick
Lecturer, Department of Psychology
St. Paul University
490 Robert Street North
St Paul, MN 55118
(651) 292-1844

February 14, 2014

Whitney Black
Head of Psychology Department
St. Paul University
2751 Winnetka Avenue
New Hope, MN 55118

Dear Ms. Black:

I am writing this to inform you about my retirement. I will be holding my lecturer in this university for the last time on February 28, 2014. On this day,

I will be completing 35 years of my service. It's been a wonderful journey, and the memories will stay with me forever.

When I entered this department as a fresher in academics, you played an important role in shaping up my career. You made me understand the nuances of teaching that helped me in my entire life as an academician. I don't find the right words to express my gratitude towards you for the help and encouragement that you have given me. I can just say a mere thank you for all the support. I want to thank all my colleagues and seniors for being with me in my happy and sad times.

I would like to request you to expedite the process of of my retirement benefits and other formalities. Thanking you for everything you did for me.

Yours sincerely,

David Roderick

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