Retirement Congratulations Letter Template

Retirement is an important phase in the life of an employee. The moment is sweet but tender, feeling of consummation is evident. The role of a person as a working man/ woman ends and a new phase begins in his /her life. The person who retires expects and deserves appreciation of his/her devoted service to the organization for all these years. Retirement congratulations letter sent by the organization means a lot to the employee who is retiring.

Retirement congratulations letters form an important part in written communication. Usually the Human Relations Department of the company sends a retirement congratulations letter. The intent of such a letter is to appreciate the services provided by the addressee. The organization also takes the opportunity to extend its best wishes to the addressee for the life ahead. This type of communication cannot be put in the formal type; it is rather a semiformal type of communication.

Every company, each organization has their own formats of retirement congratulations letters. However, there are a few important points to remember while drafting such a letter. The letter should be a simple and short piece of writing. The sender will be drafting the letter on behalf of the organization and should express deep sense of gratitude for the services provided by the person seeking retirement. There should be a special mention to the special achievements of the concerned person in the letter. The recipient will feel nice to know that his/her services were of immense importance to the company and the company would miss his/her valuable experience after the retirement.

Here follows a retirement congratulations letter template.

Human Resource Department
Phoenix Software
153, Queen's Street
London-BBDD 1ZZ
Date: 23/03/2011

Mr Samuel Butler
Senior Software Engineer
Employee Code: 1120

Sub: Retirement Congratulations Letter

Dear Sir,

Let us take the opportunity to congratulate you on your retirement today!

It is indeed a tender a moment for all of us as we bid you adieu today. You have indeed been an asset to the company and a star performer. The company admires your devotion and dedication towards work, your discipline and your commitment to give your 100% in each task you. It has been a long career of 28 years for you. The company feels grateful to avail of your intelligence and rich experience. The management was always confident about the best results in the projects handled by you. Your ability to perform various responsibilities competently has always been a great help for the growth of the company. The company also appreciates your willingness to handle the tasks beyond your job profile.

You retirement is definitely going to be a great change for you and your family. After the relentless work for the last 28 years, you can now spend some time with your family members and lead a restful life. We wish you all luck for the life ahead. We pray to god bless you with happiness, sound health and a long life.

Sincerely yours

HR Manager
Phoenix Software
153, Queen's Street
London-BBDD 1ZZ

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