Acceptance Letter

An acceptance letter is used to acknowledge the job offer. It also give you an opportunity to thanks the employer for the offer, and re-sate the terms and conditions the company want you to work on. By restating the agreement, the company also comes to know that you have understood it correctly. Alternatively, you can also ask for clarification on certain things you are unsure about.

Sample Letter

Jane Roderick
231 Pillsbury Dr SE
Minneapolis, MN 55409
(612) 625-5000

February 11, 2014

Victoria Smith
Human Resource Manager
250 7th Street East
St Paul, MN 55118

Dear Ms. Smith:

I'm very pleased to know that you have chosen me for the position of Marketing Team Leader in your esteemed organization. You can consider this letter as my official acceptance of the job offer.

I'm happy to accept the compensation package of $50.000 per annum. As per the discussion, I will join the company on February 20, 2014 after my official commitment ends with my current employer. I have gone through the offer letter and I accept all the terms and conditions. However, I would like to have a clarification on the health and insurance points as I could not understand them completely.

I look forward to work with the organization and offer my experience and expertise for the development of the company. Once again, thank you for showing trust and confidence in me and offering the job position. Please call me if I need to submit any documents.

Yours truly,

Jane Roderick

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