Acknowledgement Letter

Acknowledgment letters are formal letters written for acknowledging good deeds, payment and goods received, fact or an action about to happen. It has to be to the point and brief. Its contents must be divided into three different parts namely, introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion. The introduction should match with the reference or the subject of the letter. The body paragraph must acknowledge the action taken by the recipient. The conclusion paragraph must state the action you would take. Finally, the letter must end with a closing remark such as yours truly, or yours sincerely.

Sample Letter

Marie Jennings
1100 Las Tables Road
Templeton, CA 34650
(805) 434-3500

February 12, 2014

Ronald Hamilton
Rich Design House
34473 Golden Lantern Street
Dana Point, CA 92629

Dear Mr. Hamilton:

This is to acknowledge the receipt of a catalogue that you sent. It has all the details that I wanted for the jewelry designing. This will help me in fulfilling my professional commitments. The catalogue will give me an idea about the latest designs in platinum jewelry, which I am unaware of. Now I can confidently take new assignments of designing platinum jewelry.

I have sent your payment for the catalogue. You will be receiving it in a day or two. If you don't receive the payment, call me, and I will look into the matter.

Thanks a lot for your quick service. If I require some more designs, I will contact you in a week's time.

Yours sincerely,

Marie Jennings

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