Apology Letter

An apology letter is written to apologize to someone for wrongdoing. An apology letter is a humble way to accept your mistake and say how you are going to rectify the error that you committed. The tone of the letter should be soft and sincerity should flow from the words. You need to be quick at writing the apology letter after the error has occurred.

This will help you in maintaining and saving a personal or professional relationship. This letter helps you in rebuilding your credibility before the injured party. Be free and clear in writing the apology letter.

A Sample Apology Letter

Tim Spencer
16741 North Greasewood Street,
Surprise, AZ,
United States
(623) 583-3500

December 27, 2008

Michelle Anderson
2480 Fairview Avenue North,
Roseville, MN,
United States
(651) 633-4366

Dear Michelle:

I'm really sorry that I could not come to your Christmas party. You had told me about this party and asked me to be there. However, I could not manage reaching the party. I had gone to meet my parents who stay in Chicago last week. While returning from that trip, I met with an accident. I injured my shoulder but now I'm fine.

I was advised rest for a week. There fore I could not make it to the party. I should have called you and told you the situation. That just went out of my mind. You had planned about celebrating Christmas with me and friends for a long time. I apologize for ruining your party and having kept you waiting.

I can say sorry right now in this letter. And will meet you personally in the coming week to tell you the situation as I will be there for a business meeting. That's all. Looking forward to meet you.

Yours truly,

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