Appreciation Letter Written to a Career Counselor

An appreciation letter is written to show how valuable the guidance given by the career counselor was. This type of letter helps in conveying your gratitude towards the counselor who has showed you different paths in career. You have got a new perspective to look at career and jobs after discussing in detail with the counselor. This letter is a good gesture to appreciate the work done by the counselor. You thank the counselor for giving a list of contacts that can help you in getting a job.

This will help you in networking and building contacts for getting the dream job. The counselor has helped in highlighting the use of job portals in job seeking as well as doing thorough research about the various job profiles available on the basis of your educational qualifications. You have to describe all the points from the discussion in letter to stress their importance. The recipient will be happy when he or she receives such a letter as you have appreciated his or her good work.

Diana Perez
1121 East Atlantic Street
South Hill, VA
United States
(434) 447-3610

Date: August 20, 2008

John Edwards
Career Counselor
671 Southpark Boulevard,
Colonial Heights, VA
United States
(804) 526-0844

Dear Mr. Edwards,

I want to thank you for the valuable time you spent with me discussing how I can achieve my career goals. The list of contacts that you gave me from your network will help me in my job search I will look into all the job portals that you have suggested to me. I will also do some research about different types of job profiles that can be offered to me based on my qualifications and internship experience. I need to be broad minded when I start job searching as you had focused while discussing.

I really appreciate your assistance in reviewing my career goals and suggesting strategies to achieve them. This is going to help me in the long run. This is such a great gesture which I will not forget in my life time. The best part of the discussion was you giving the list of contacts right away. I will start contacting them from tomorrow. I have already sent my resume to two email address.

Thank you once again for the help. I will keep you updating on my progress regularly. If you have any more suggestion then you can contact me on phone or personal email address.

Yours truly,

Diana Perez

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