Sample Business Letter

Business letters are the official and effective document that connects the business world. They have the potential to explore new horizons and achieve the impossible if written in a formal manner and professional tone. This sample business letter shows how to put a business proposal and grab the prospective customer.

Rachel Peterson
Human Resource Executive
Maxwell Corporation
700 Juarez Avenue
Laredo, TX 14872
(956) 723-5321

February 5, 2014

Mr. Tommy Woods
Coordinator, Training and Placements Cell
Texas Christian University
2800 South University Drive
Fort Worth,Texas

Dear Mr. Woods,

We had recently met at a conference on "Recent trends in training for college students in Texas Universities". There, you had spoken about conducting workshops for students under the "Entrepreneurship Development Program". Our company, as you will be aware, takes up such projects and cater to 15 states of America.

We have a team of experienced professionals who will train students in the entrepreneurship development program. Our team is highly qualified and has been conducting workshops of this type for corporate employees for the last ten years. Since the last two years, we have diverted ourselves into training young college students and have very quickly found a niche for ourself in grooming young minds. We have earlier worked with four universities in Texas on various workshops, and received appreciations from them. We specialize in developing entrepreneurship quality, teaching time management, and soft skills to people.

The workshop at your campus can be organized as per your schedule. We take weekly, fortnightly and monthly workshops which are of two-hour duration. The workshops are highly effective, interactive, practical and interesting. Please refer to the feedback from the student community during the last year. It will make easy for you to take a decision.

I hope you will take this proposal on priority and get back to us as soon as possible. In the coming weeks, we look forward in getting your positive response. Then we can fix a formal meeting and discuss all the things in detail. We have enclosed the brochure of our workshop for your perusal.

Waiting for your comments.

Yours truly,

Rachel Peterson
Human Resource Executive

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