Sample Congratulations Letter for Promotion

Promotion is a note taken by the company of a person's efficiency and devoted service. Promotion is indeed a great achievement and achievements deserve admiration and celebrations. The person who is promoted is in the seventh heaven of joy. The Human Relations Department sends the congratulations letter to the person promoted and such a letter works as a great encouragement for him.

While drafting a congratulations letter for promotion, a few important points have to be taken into consideration. The letter has to be short and precise. The intent of the letter will be to congratulate the promoted person. The writer can take a brief account of the achievements of the recipient so far. Finally, the writer should extend the best wishes on behalf of the company management for the future achievements of the recipient. This is going to be an official mode of communication and so the use of formal language is a must. There is not much scope for the use of flowery language. The tone of the letter should be pleasing since this is a congratulations letter.

Here follows a sample congratulations letter for promotion. This is just a sample and you can refer to this while drafting your congratulations letter for promotion.

Human Relations Department
E-biz Software
38/16, Queen's Street
London- BBDD 1ZZ
Date: September 29, 2011

Mr. Angelo Mathews
Employee Code: 1120

Sub: Congratulations on Promotion
Dear Mr. Mathews,

In the capacity of the HR Manager of the company, let me take this opportunity to congratulate you on your promotion as a sub-editor. Your relentless efforts and devotion towards your work have made you taste the fruits of success.

You joined E-biz Software as a content writer in the month of June. Immediately after you joined you became the senior content writer on account of accuracy of and variety in your writing and your hard work. It gives me immense pleasure to note that your growth as a content writer inspired you to perform even better and so you are a sub editor today. We expect the same devotion and dedication on your part in future. We hope you enjoy working with us in the capacity of a sub editor. The company management wants to wish you all the best.

Sincerely Yours
HR Manager

E-biz Software
38/16, Queen's Street
London- BBDD 1ZZ

This is one way to write a congratulations letter on promotion; but not the only one. You can use your own words in your letter. we don't mind you picking up some sentences from the above sample.

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