Farewell Letter Written to a Colleague Who is Leaving Job

A farewell letter is written to bid good bye to a colleague who is leaving job. This type of letter is a medium to extend best wishes to the individual who is leaving. In this letter you tell your colleague, how he and his performance will be missed. His or her leaving will be a big loss for organization. In this type of letter, you share the enjoyable moments spend together.

This farewell letter is a good gesture and the person leaving will enjoy reading it. You can mention how the person has contributed in the success of the developing organization. The letter has to be concise and short. The tone used in the letter should be soft and polite. You have to be honest about what you have learned from him or her and how he has guided and supported you.

Jennifer Clark
Senior Accountant
GM Financial Consultancy
6330 Brooklyn Boulevard,
Brooklyn Center, MN,
United States
(763) 503-3534

April 15, 2009

Mark Jackson
Finance Executive
GM Financial Consultancy
231 Pillsbury Drive Southeast,
Minneapolis, MN,
United States
(612) 625-5000

Dear Mr. Jackson:

I was in two minds when I heard the news that you are leaving our organization. Later, when I came to know that you are getting a better opportunity outside, I am happy for you. Your leaving is a big loss for the finance department and the entire company. . Under your leadership the entire finance team has progressed very well. You have been our source of inspiration and guided us in all our difficulties.

I have learned a lot of skills from you. The two most important things that I have learned from you are dedication and patience. �You have helped me immensely when I started off as a young graduate. I have always come to you for advice while taking important decisions in my professional as well as personal life. To put it in right words you have been my mentor and guide.

I extend my best wishes for your career. As a senior and experienced Finance Executive, your guidance will help the organization where you will be next week onwards. They have got the right person for the coveted position.

I will always be in touch with you. I am sure you will be there to help me in my difficult situations in future too. Once again, Best of luck!

Yours truly,

Jennifer Clark

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