Introduction Letter

The main purpose of an introduction letter is to introduce a company, product or a person in the market or to other organization. These letters play a significant role as they help in providing contact to others about an individual. Incidentally that will help you in growth of your business as well as career.

Through a common contact, an individual is introduced to a professional. These types of letters are short and to the point. They introduce the person and his profession, skills, experience and expertise. At the beginning of the letter, you have to give out the main purpose of introducing the person to the other party.

A Sample Introduction Letter

Dr. Anthony Lewis
Head of English Department
WCH 4.132, Inner Campus,
Austin, TX,
United States

(512) 471-3550

August 16, 2008

Dr. Helen Collins
Head of English Department
12 Quincy St
Cambridge, MA02138,
(617) 495-1551

Dear Ms. Collins:

Let me introduce the bearer of this letter, Mr. Stuart Clark. Stuart is a research scholar who is completing his Doctorate degree under my guidance. Stuart is pursuing his research on the "Psychological dilemma in the women characters in plays of Shaw." As per our discussion on the phone, I'm sending him to your departmental library.

It would be great if one of your staff members accompanied and helped him in finding reference books on drama as a form of literature. Your departmental library has a huge collection of classics and old reference books on English Literature. This will help him in his research.

Whenever I get such good students who are inclined to research, I always remember of my alma mater at the Harvard University. Stuart will not only get to look at reference books but will also get an opportunity to interact with the illustrious staff of English Department. He will get various points of view and understand the opinions of experts on Shaw's drama.

I hope this will not disturb your schedule. As per my previous experience, I know you love to help and guide good research scholars. I �m sending Stuart to a right person who will nurture him.

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your co-operation.

Yours truly,

Dr. Anthony Lewis

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