Sample Job Letter from Employer

The job letters from employer should be professional and likable. The main idea behind such letters is that they need to provide a good character of reference that will help your fellow colleague get a better job. The sample job letter from employer will provide the necessary guidelines and tips to write one.

There are many people who wish to switch companies and sometimes ask their trusted colleagues to serve as references in their job search. The names of the colleagues are most likely to be listed with the phone or email contact information on the resume of the job seeker.

If this is not written then probably the information may be provided to the prospective employer upon request.

Prospective employers often request letter of recommendation from the job applicants. Another point to be noted here is that anyone who agrees to serve as a job reference should be prepared to give a written reference letter upon request. However, if you do not have a clear idea as to how to write this letter, the sample below for job letter can help you. The sample is a professional reference letter that can be adapted that will suit a particular individual.

Dear Hiring Manager,

I have worked with (Candidate's name) for the past (insert the number of years). I feel that (Candidate's name) is highly qualified for the (mention the job designation) at your company (Company's name) for many reasons. He/she has been a tremendous asset to the (present company's name) and has made a lot of contribution to (insert the types and names of or types of projects the candidate was involved). He/ she was consistently delivering high quality work products, meet and sometimes exceed deadlines. (Candidate's names) assists his/her coworkers at every opportunity and time. When we were under an especially strict timeline on a recent project, he/she was found to over work and do a lot of overtime to ensure the client was pleased.

(Candidate's name) exemplifies a good character and as an example, he/she (you can cite an example here).

(Candidate's name) is a trustworthy and reliable worker. He/she is highly recommended for the position at your company. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (insert your contact details or your email id).

(Your full name)

Sometimes writing these letters can get tricky in terms of phrases. Just make sure you get the right words and craft this job letter from an employer.

  • Obtain the job description: Here you have to speak of every qualification that makes the applicant worthy for the position applied by the latter. Nevertheless, the details mentioned in the letter have to be truthful in every respect.

  • Establish the candidate's character with actual examples: to show off the candidate's integrity provide examples of times and how she or he has displayed the good character. For example, think of the times when the candidate made a difficult choice and handled a tough problem diplomatically and incorporate those into the examples cited in the letter.

  • Discuss the work ethic of the applicant with proper examples if necessary or possible.

These job letters from employer can be used at the interview or when requested. This is usually followed up with a verbal employment reference check or by a potential employer.

Below is another sample that can show another aspect of writing such letters:


"To whomever it may concern" or if you wish to, it can be addressed specifically to an individual "Dear Mr. Johnson". Not including the salutation is also acceptable in the letter. In this case, you can directly start with the first paragraph.

The first paragraph should outline the reference connection with the concerned person you are writing about. It should further indicate for how long you have known the person and why you are qualified to comment on the candidate's position and performance.

For instance you can write, "As a manager of Rockers Company, Mr. ZZZZ has reported to me for the last five years in the position of Sales Agent."

The next paragraph should outline the individual's responsibilities and position. For example, "Mr. ZZZZ was responsible for marketing and selling both existing and new products of the company to the local market area. He included and completed various insurance applications, explaining coverage to the customers, providing financing services and interpreting policies. He also provided me with quotes and organized payments."

In the third paragraph, highlight the candidate qualifications, abilities, skills and accomplishments. For example you can write, "Mr. ZZZZ is skilled in (clearly state the skill he possessed) and has demonstrated these abilities in this job, (cite the examples as how he used his skills and talents to handle pressure, organize, manage and plan, communicate and work as a team-member). During this time ZZZZ reported to me and I was impressed by his performance and his particular ability to develop such a strategy. I would describe him as hard working and proactive."

In the final paragraph, sum up your letter by writing. You can write this as - "While understanding Mr. ZZZZ's decision to leave the company, his presence will solely be missed. He was highly respected as both a professional management and a person. I can unreservedly recommend Mr. ZZZZ for a sales position. He will be an asset to any company. "

Finally in the closure of the letter ask, "If you have any query please feel free to call me (contact number)."

The sample job letter from employer provides with the necessary tips and guides to write such type of letters.

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