Letter of Inquiry

A letter of inquiry is written to inquire about a product or service offered by the company. In this letter, you request the concerned person from the company to give you information. Some students, who want to seek an admission for a course, write a letter of inquiry to get information about new courses available on the campus.

A graduate who wants to get an entry level job, writes this sort of letter to gather information about the vacant job positions. An inquiry letter should specify the purpose of writing the letter in the very beginning. You have to be courteous while writing this letter. Ask the information only if you don't get it on the internet. Keep in mind that your request for the information will be a time consuming job for the other party.

You have to understand that when you are writing a letter of inquiry.

A Sample Letter of Inquiry

Charles Taylor
4511 John Tyler Highway,
Williamsburg, VA,
United States
(757) 564-3955

Date: October 15, 2008

Linda Robinson
Admission Coordinator
Virginia University
918 Emmet Street South,
Charlottesville, VA,
United States
(434) 924-3344

Dear Ms. Robinson:

I have heard a lot about the various courses offered by Virginia University. The official website of the university gives a lot of guidance and help to students who want admission. This is of great use as you can go through the courses and select a few that you are interested in.
While going through courses in Management, I came across a course in Waste Management. This featured under the category of green education. That really interested me as I have completed my honors in Environmental Science. I love nature and want to do some thing to nurture it through my profession.
I feel waste management is a course that will help me fulfill my dream. A lot of jobs are available in this field of management as many countries have started feeling the heat of global warming. I have some knowledge about the basics of this course but I need detailed information, so that I can take a decision to pursue my post graduate degree in waste management.

I request you to send me the detailed course structure, curriculum and admission procedure for the course as these details are not available on the website. The website gives information about fee structure, duration of course and eligibility criterion for admission.

You can send me information on my email address - charles_taylor@hotmail.com. This will be great help for me. I know it is a tough task and it will be time consuming. I look forward to your positive reply.

Yours truly,

Charles Taylor

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