Letter of Invitation

A letter of invitation is written to invite a person for a professional or personal event. The letter should have details like date, time, venue of the event and what is the event about.

The letter has to describe whether the event is free or paid. You have to send the invitation well in advance i.e. at least two weeks before the event. You have to ask the reader to confirm his/her attendance by contacting the event organizers The letter should include the date by which one can register for the event as well as the person's name and contact number who looks into registration and invitees.

All these details matter a lot and give the letter a professional look. This helps the invitees to confirm his/her availability for the event. The tone of the letter has to be positive. The letter has to be direct and concise.

A Sample Letter of Invitation

Patricia White
200 Eastern Parkway,
Brooklyn, NY,
United States
(718) 638-500

November 15, 2009

Deborah Walker
Event Coordinator
Femme Fashions
11 West 40 Street,
New York, NY,
United States
(212) 340-0908

Dear Deborah:

You have been our valuable customer for a long time. You have visited our store regularly for last five years. We are inviting you for a special event organized by our store. The event is a Preview Showcasing our Winter Fashion Collection 2009. The event will be held at the store on Tuesday evening, December 1, 2009 from 7.30 pm to 11.30 pm.
The fashion show will be followed by a dinner. There will be a fashion show that will feature our brand new winter collection before hitting the market. You will get special discounts on shopping for $1500. There are draws on the winter collection.

The event is for special invitees and valued customers. In order to attend the event, you need to confirm your attendance by contacting Susan Johnson at (212) 340-0908 by November 25th. On the evening of the event, you need to bring the original invitation letter to participate in the draws.

The organizing team looks forward to meet you at the event, share the winter collection and enjoy the evening with us.

Yours sincerely

Patricia White

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