Letter of Support

A letter of support is written to raise support for a campaign against social evils, gain financial support for education, attending a training or conference which will help in the near future. A letter of support is written to family and friends i.e. near and dear ones. The letter helps in making the reader aware about the social work that you or your organization is doing and how their money will be utilized for the upliftment of the society.

The support letter will help you in fundraising to organize an event, help the victims of natural calamities, and attend a training program. The primary aim of this letter is to get support from the society. In the very beginning of the letter you have to state the purpose of support required. If you require financial support, where the donations can be made has to be specified as well as how the funds will help people has to be mentioned. The letter has to be clear, direct and concise.

A Sample Letter of Support

George Martin
1991 South Baney Road,
Ashland, OH,
United States

(419) 281-5528

Date: February 29, 2009

Dear Friends and Family:

Hello! Hope all of you are fine. I am writing this letter to give you an idea about what is happening in my life. As all of you know, I'm completing my course in Environmental Science. I want to take up a profession that will help me in serving nature, ecology, etc.

I'm getting a great opportunity to learn about the environmental issues like global warming, change in temperature, etc. and how authorities world wide are working for these issues. There is an International Conference on Environmental Issues to be held in this April. The Conference is organized by Virginia Tech University with association of numerous Non Governmental Organizations. The conference is week long.. I will be able to listen to award winning excellent speakers who are doing great job in the field of environment.

Our college is ready to send the students to participate in the conference. This experience of attending the conference will help me in understanding the nuances of environmental science. In order to attend the conference, I require financial support. I have to arrange for my travel, food and accommodation. This will cost me around $ 2000. This is a huge amount for a college student. I want your financial support.

With this letter, I am enclosing the brochure of the conference for your information and a stamped envelope having my college address. You can send a check of the amount you can afford in the stamped envelope.

I will personally call you and discuss in detail the planning of the conference that we have completed in the college. Your help will give me an opportunity to learn and use the skills practically when I start my career.

I look forward for your positive reply and funds.

Yours truly

George Martin

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