Sample Proposal Letter

A proposal letter is used as a cover letter to your proposal. This letter is used to summarize what is your proposal about, introduces your organization to the other organization, and who is funding your project. This sort of letter has to discuss in detail the planning and implementation of the proposal, the parties involved in the proposal, and how the proposal is mutually beneficial to both the parties. The proposal letter should be lively so that after reading it, you get an idea about the entire proposal.

You get the picture of the proposal right in front of your eyes. The language used in the letter has to have positive tone. The letter has to be reader friendly. This type of a letter gives the reader an idea about your vision. This letter is a platform to showcase your potential and skills that will help you in successfully completing the proposed project.

A Sample Proposal Letter

Paul Garcia
Project Manager
Skills Foundation
2710 University Drive,
Richland, WA,
United States
(509) 372-7000

Date: March 20, 2009

Kevin Lopez
Amazon Schools Pvt. Ltd.
7350 West Deschutes Avenue,
Kennewick, WA,
United States
(509) 783-9894

Dear Mr. Lopez:

It will indeed be a pleasure to get associated with an educational institute like yours. We are pleased to present this proposal to your group of school. It would be great to have partnership with you and be part of learning process for young students. We are into Skills Development for last five years. Five schools have partnered with us in the last five years and the results have been quite encouraging and fruitful.

We develop the four basic communication skills in the students who have problems in learning a language. As per our telephonic discussion, you had informed us that your four schools have around 100 students who lack linguistic abilities. The Program "Developing Communication Skills for Success" is student friendly and interactive.

In the program, our team of trainers helps students to read and write about real life situations. Group activities motivate the students in speaking. Training, activities, assignments are the core areas through which our program works. We take up a batch of 20 students and work with them through out the year.

With this letter, I'm enclosing the entire proposal, feedback of the schools that had partnered with us in last five years and the student wise analysis of pre training and post training development. This will help you in understanding our style of working and our illustrious results.

You can contact me on my phone or email address - for your queries about this proposal.

Yours truly,

Paul Garcia

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