Retirement Letter

A retirement letter is used to announce your retirement from an organization. The letter has to clearly state you motive that is announcing the retirement. The letter has to give details like designation you were working on, number of years working, date of retirement, etc. The letter should have your permanent address in the end so that all the mails can be forwarded.

This sort of letter has to be direct and concise. The retirement letter will help you in thanking your superiors for the confidence they have shown in you as well as the colleagues who have supported and helped you. This type of letter has to use cordial tone. The letter should express your happiness and satisfaction from the job that you did and how the organization has helped you in developing as a professional. In a retirement letter you can mention some memorable moments that you had in organization with your colleagues.

A Sample Retirement Letter

Steven Scott
Project Manager
Sum Systems
131 W Gypsy Lane Rd,
Bowling Green, OH,
United States
(419) 352-6505

April 12, 2008

Donna Campbell
Chief Executive Officer
Sun Systems
359 North Lexington-Springmill Road,
Ontario, OH,
United States
(419) 529-2577

Dear Ms. Campbell:

I'm writing this letter to inform you that I am retiring from my position of Project Manager from the organization. My last working day would be April 15, 2008. I have worked for fifteen years in this organization. It was a great and satisfying experience for me. I m fortunate enough to get an opportunity to work with a wonderful organization like "Sun Systems"

I have to thank you for giving me the responsibility of planning, implementation and successful completion of important projects of our company. You had confidence in my abilities that helped me handling those projects. I have to thank all my colleagues who supported and helped me in various projects as team members. I have constantly learnt from all of them.

If you have any short assignment that needs to be urgently completed let me know about it. It will be a pleasure to complete it in a stipulated time frame. I have just finished my last project yesterday and have nothing significant to do apart from completing the formalities of retirement as per the company's policies.

All the best for you and the organization for your future endeavor and may all your dreams come true. If you require any help in near future then I am always available to support you.

Yours truly,

Steven Scott

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