Sample Sales Letter

A sales letter is used to convince and persuade the customer to buy a product or service. This type of letter is all about using marketing strategies to attract the customer towards your brand. The letter also introduces you range of products that were launched in the market recently. The sales letter can also describe the incentives in form of discount schemes, free gifts, etc. The content of sales letter is always simple and clear. This helps the customer in easy understanding at the first glance.

In this sample letter, a salesperson of magazine publication is writing a letter to librarian of a college. This letter introduces two new magazines for college students. There is an interesting offer for the college on subscription of these two new magazines. The letter uses a soft convincing tone to persuade the librarian to take up the offer. The letter describes hoe the college library is the oldest and valuable customer of the publication house.

David Moore
Sales Manager,
ABC Publications
4509 Lamont Avenue,
Dallas, TX,
United States
(214) 692-6500

March 20, 2012

Head Librarian
5543 Dyer Street,
Dallas, TX,
United States
(214) 369-7267

Dear Ms. Green:

It is indeed a pleasure to write to you. You have been a subscriber of our magazines and journals for a long time. We are bringing an interesting offer for your university. Recently, we launched two new magazines "Healthy World" and "Youth Brigade". Both the magazines deal with current health and youth issues. They are monthly magazines. They are published in on the first Monday of the month.

These two magazines will be of tremendous help to your student community. The magazine about health deals with diseases, their symptoms and treatments and how to remain fit post retirement, how to deal with stress. Doctors, dietitians, fitness trainers contribute for this magazine. The students from Health science department can also submit his or her article for the magazine.

The Youth Brigade magazines talks about issues of youth. Careers, education, fashion, are some of the areas that are focused in this monthly magazine. Educationists, career counselors, fashion gurus contribute for this magazine. The young students of your college can contribute stories, anecdotes, etc. for this magazine.

The publication house is giving a special offer for valuable customers like you. You get the yearly subscription of both the magazines at $ 120 whereas for the general public it $ 144. With this letter, I'm enclosing the first month's brand new issues of both magazines. They are absolutely free.

If you feel that this offer is good, you can contact our Sales Executive, Sharon White on her email address or phone. She will explain further details according to your suitable time. We look forward for a positive reply.

Yours truly,

David Moore

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