Sorry Letters

Sorry letters can be a perfectly acceptable way to express your remorse. A famous quotation by Dan Heist says, "When you realize you've made mistake, make amends immediately. It's easier to eat crow while it's still warm." Letters can be great way to help both sides to come into terms with the topic you both fought for. It is not necessary to write something very lengthy, as acknowledging your fault can be enough in the letter. The main objective of these letters is to build bridges and such an act can reiterate the sincerity of the apology written.

For writing a business apology letter, in such letters you can offer a gesture of goodwill that will make amends for the mistake that was committed. Apology letters can save a relationship and avoid a wound becoming a scar that may become irreparable.

Sorry letters or apology letters are one of the best ways to realize and admit one's mistake. To tell someone sorry can be really difficult at times. Hence writing letters can be an easy way to express your feeling and how sorry you are for the mistake you have committed.

Sometimes letters prove to be better than email and other modern technology. This can produce the necessary impact that you want and be much more meaningful.

Instruction on how to write sorry letters

The letters are written to amend to the mistakes you have made. So the first thing that you need to keep in mind is be sincere. Understand how to write sorry letters. You can follow the instructions given below for writing a sorry letter.

  • First of all start the letter with remorse for whatever happened. You can upfront as how upset you are for the event that took place. This will help your reader know that you are also sad as they are over the situation that happened.

  • In the second paragraph you can write why you are apologizing and be honest in doing so. Point why are you apologizing. Note that vague apologies do not hold much weight. If is easier to jot down this section if you can.

  • Finally in the letter, mention that would rectify or leave the things with the person concerned. In this section you can mention this, depending on the reason for asking sorry, you may also ask how you would like to rectify the situation that has lead to this circumstance of writing this letter. However, if you feel there is no way you can make up for the event, you can state how you would like to leave this to the reader to decide.

Tips for writing apology letters

One good way to write these letters is to be sincere, simple and brief. Avoid being rhetoric as this may irritate the person you are saying sorry to.

For instance in business letters, you could ask for something which is more like a gesture of goodwill to make the necessary amends for the mistakes.

Another good thing that will surely work is that in the letter you can mention and assure the reader that the same mistakes would not be repeated.

Also make sure in the letter that you do not mention reasons that will make you sound like you are avoiding responsibility. If you want to give reasons, put them in a clearer tone. Let him or her know that you are not trying to give excuse just for the sake. And if you do not have any reason, you can state that too in the letter.

After you are done with the writing of the letter, you can show it to one of your friend and ask for their opinion. This can be helpful because that a friend should be able to know if the letter sounds too condescending or insincere or over apologetic.

These are some ways to write sorry letters and this will surely help to build bridges and can reiterate the sincerity in your letter.

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