Sport Sponsorship Letters

Sports sponsorship letters are written for inviting different organizations and institutes for contributing their financial assistance for a sports team or an individual player. Sports clubs need large amount of money for traveling worldwide to participate in various tournaments, purchasing the sports equipments, providing necessary facilities to the players, medical treatments, submitting fees of tournaments and for promoting the sport.

Sometimes, amateur players play as a part of their life or some players need sponsors to help them in developing the game. Hence, many big organizations and companies that manufacture sports equipment sponsor players to advertise their products and services.

The Sport sponsorship letters should include the details of sports for which the sponsorship is requested. You must provide the information about your organization or sports club and its achievements. You can mention some example that will show how your club has contributed for the development of the players and has promoted the game. A sample of sports sponsorship letter is given below.

Sports Sponsorship Letter Sample

Your name
Youngsters Wrestling Club
City, State Zip Code

Date: 25 December, 2008

Organization Title
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Dear Mr. XYZ:

We are happy to offer you the opportunity to become a valuable sponsor of our Youngsters Wrestling Club. We are a group of fifty wrestlers working since five years in our city for promoting game of wrestling and encouraging youngsters to participate in various wrestling competitions.

Running a sports club costs a large amount every year during the participation in many competitions and maintaining the membership in wrestling club association. The sponsors are expected to provide their financial contribution (mention the amount) to the club. In return of this help, all the members of our Youngsters Wrestling Club will wear t-shirts that have sponsor's logo and title on its back. These t-shirts will be used during all the tournaments and events where our players will participate.

Our club has been working to provide new opportunities to the young wrestlers of our city. Our wrestlers travel throughout the country and work hard to build champions for the country. We also organize some local and national level wrestling competitions and try to include more youngsters in this game. A wrestler needs to be disciplined, dedicated and committed to the goal. Throughout various competitions our wrestlers become strong and stand for the difficult situations in future life. We have simple philosophy of building to help young generation become healthy on both mental and physical level.

Your kind cooperation to our efforts will help us to achieve pour goal. I believe that you will be proud of being a valuable sponsor of Youngsters Wrestling Club.

Thanks to you for considering our proposal of sponsorship.


Your name

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