Termination of Lease Agreement Letter

Whether your apartment lease or commercial lease has come to an end, or you want to implement an early termination clause, you can write a lease termination letter to your landlord and give an official notice that you are not willing to renew the lease. There are many other situations as well in which you may be forced to write this letter. A landlord can draft the lease termination agreement if he is planning to sell the rented property. He may also terminate the lease if there is any damage to the property caused by the tenant, or the tenant is running some illegal activity inside the property. Like the landlord, the tenant too can end the lease agreement if he is shifting to another convenient location. If you are the tenant, you must mention the date you have planned to move out of the rented apartment.

If there is any penalty, discuss it with your landlord and try to settle it peacefully. If the landlord is adamant, then speak to him how you are going to pay for according to the early termination clause. Allow a day for the landlord to inspect the apartment. In case you have caused any damage, he will adjust it against the amount you paid as a security deposit.

Mention the dates that you'll have the utilities turned off so that your landlord will be able to arrange new services for the future tenant or for selling the property. While writing a lease termination letter, one important thing to mention is when you will return the keys and where your landlord can send your security deposit or future documents. It is very important to have all the general information regarding the lease in your letter. It is recommended that you also mention the reason for leaving the apartment in the letter.

As mentioned earlier there may be many reasons for which you will have to write a lease termination letter. One example is given below. You can take it as a reference and make changes as per your situation.

The sample letter is written assuming you are a tenant, and you are terminating the lease agreement due to the poor condition of the apartment.

John J. Akin
4018 Upland Avenue
Margaretta (Township), OH 44824
Phone: 419-901-3691
Email: johnjakin@hotmail.com

February 12, 2014

Derek P. Johnson
1041 Green Street
Margaretta (Township)
OH 44820

Dear Landlord,

I am sorry to say that I have decided to leave the rented apartment located at the above-given address. I want to end the lease agreement as per the early termination clause. I have planned to move out on February 28, 2014.

The rent agreement was drafted on October 1, 2013 and was effective till August 31, 2014. The reason I took this step is because of the deteriorating condition of the apartment. I do appreciate your refurbishment efforts, but the problems have gone way too far.

I will not be using the utilities of your apartment from February 25, 2014. You can call me for an inspection during these three days. You can also show the apartment to anyone who wishes to rent it. I request you to not to levy any penalty for early termination considering my regularity in paying rent on time. I will be handing over the keys on the day of agreement termination. I will provide you my bank details on the last day to return the security deposit.


John J. Akin

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