Thank You for Donation Letter Sample

Sending a thank you letter for a donation to the organization, which has recently donated some amount, is a good gesture. This is a good way to make your donors feel appreciated. The donors are the ones who make a conscious choice to invest in your good cause. These will help the donors feel that their money is being valued and is properly invested in the organization. The thank you notes you plan to give should be on time and make your recipient feel glad and happy about the donations they have made.

Take the example of a thank you for donation letter sample; this is sure a good way to help you in writing such letters.

The thank you for donation letters serves two purposes:

Dear (write your donor's name),

On behalf of (organization name), I would like to show my gratitude for your donations of $ (insert the amount).

This contribution will make it possible for us to (state the purpose for the donation).

Since (the date when the organization started), (organization name) has (briefly state its goals and highlights).

In (mention the past or current year), we have (give a brief description of the goals and growth it has achieved). This has been possible only because of the contribution made from people like you.

In the (current or coming year), we plan to (here state briefly what are the future plans and the expected growth). We hope your support will continue in the future.

No goods or services were provided in exchange for or any type of in connection with the donation made. The estimated values of the services or goods provided in return for your donation were $(insert the amount). You can keep this as a written acknowledgement of the donations for the tax records.

Thanks again for your generosity.


Another sample for sending a thank you letter to your donor is given below.


Address of the donor:

Dear (name of the donor),

Thank you for your donation of (insert the exact amount) to our organization (name of the organization). Your contribution has made this possible (write how the donations was used for instance mention if it was used for purchasing books for the underprivileged children)

(You can add an additional paragraph) your generous gift has allowed us to (write what special plans and goals you have for the organization and the future projects you have slated for this year). The estimated monetary value of the services provided (or good services) in exchange of the donations you have made to the organization was $ (insert the amount).

(However, if there were no goods or services provided in exchange of or in connection of the donations made you can clearly mention this in the letter).

No services or any sort of good were provided in exchange for or in connection with the donation amount.

You can keep this letter as a proof of the donation for your tax records.

Thanks again for your kind gesture.

- (Give signature and below it write your full name)

Insert your organization's name and state it is a non profit organization with its IRS code and classification.

Donations can be for your individual projects or causes. When writing a thank you note for something personal which can be donations from relatives to pay your tuition fees or donation from a friend to participate in a walk or a run, it is important that you use personalize notes. This will help to covey how the donation has helped you. In the letter include some acknowledgement of the person to whom you address. For example:

Dear (Name),

Thank you so much for whatever you have done for me and supporting (the cause or me), through your generous donation of $ (amount). Your assistance has helped me to do (the specific thing you have accomplished). I know how much you care about (cause) and I am overwhelmed to see your love of (cause) which you have manifested through your generous gesture.

Best Wishes,
- Your signature

These are some ways of saying thank you for donation. These thank you for donation letter samples can help you draft one for yourself. These letters will be like a bridge of any future support from your donors.

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