Thank You Letter for Gift

This thank you letter is written to thank the person who has given you a gift. Receiving a gift is always a great feeling and it's a great gesture to thank the person with a well drafted letter. This letter shows your appreciation for the person who has taken time out to buy a gift for you. This sort of letter is full of happiness and begins with a thank you note. You share the joyful mood of the occasion with sender of the letter. Always be prompt in sending this sort of letter when you receive a gift.

In this sample letter, the sender is thanking the recipient for gifting handmade candle sticks on his wedding. The letter describes how beautiful are the candles and they have adored the dining table in their house. The sender appreciates the choice of candles and invites the person for a dinner in his new home.

This sample letter uses a soft and polite tone which expresses warmth. The letter helps you in strengthening the relationship with the recipient..

Thank You Letter for Gift Sample

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Date: 30 February, 2001

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Dear XYZ,

Thank you very much for the auspicious gift of handmade candlesticks on my wedding. Again, I am very thankful to you for sharing our celebration by attending it in person. Hence, I would like to write a letter thanking you for all you have done for us. I will also call you soon to share feelings of my marriage.

It was a pleasant surprise to us when we saw those delicate handmade candlesticks. It is designed so beautifully that everyone in our family was overwhelmed by it. The dazzling candlesticks are now a part of our dining room table, and we are enjoying newlywed romantic dinners with them.

We came to know the problem you faced while finding these handmade glass candle sticks. I feel very proud having such a caring friend like you who has such awesome choice. The color of the candlesticks seems so suitable to the dining room that we have already received many compliments for the good-looking candlesticks. We will have a lovely together with you when we will be settled in our new home, and you will see how good-looking they are. Please feel free to suggest what we can offer you for dinner. My wife will be happy to serve your favorite food.

Thanks to you once again for the candlesticks that made our wedding more beautiful.

Kind regards,


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