Transfer Letters

Job transfer letters can be one way to let your boss or the human resource know that you are interested for a new position or change of work location within the company. You can also explain your desire and the reason as to why you would like for the transfer in the letter. The letter should contain enough reason and certain things should be mentioned which will help persuade your supervisors. You have to make your argument and points pretty clear so as to make you the ideal choice of the company. The reason could also be circumstances like ill health or any big change in your personal life can be a reason to move to a different location. You can take the help of some sample transfer letters which are cited online. Proof read your letter to avoid any king of silly grammar or punctuation mistakes.

The transfer letters are usually written when an employee is being transferred from one branch to another department of the same organization. These letters declare your desire for a new job position and it is formally written to your boss, manager or the human resources. An effective job transfer letter is a way that conveys your seniors you are interested in it.

Some of the transfer letters are given to the employee and sometimes it is written by the employee seeking for a job transfer. These letters are official letters and could be on mutual agreed terms between the organization and the employee. In most of the organizations, it is acknowledged about the employee agreeing to the idea of being transferred to any branch or the department of the organization, in the offer letter.

The basic idea of writing this kind of letters is that it should be brief and short. This kind of letter should be in a nutshell as it is internal official letter and does not require to be given in detail. It should primarily have the name of the employee who is being transferred, the department to/ from/ where is he being transferred with the effective date of transfer and the name of the person he or she is reporting after the transfer.

Some tips while writing transfer letter

  • As the letter should be brief you can go for the memo format as it is for internal communication.

  • If there are any perks that come with the transfer it should be clearly mentioned in the letter.

  • It is always better to verbally inform the individual about the transfer and then the letter should be handed.

    You may also ask for a job transfer letter and consider these following tips while writing one.

  • Express your reason as to why you want the transfer and make the move in your job. This could be essentially, a promotion or more in line with your education and training you went through. Be honest and let your organization know the reason you want it. Use a good tone in the letter by stating that you love your current position but are interested in the new one because this will be convenient for both you and your family.

  • Include, how you met or exceeded your job duties in the letter to let your organizations know how you tried to improve the operations of your department and how your current job profile makes you eligible for the job transfer or promotion.

  • You can also discuss the ways and methods as to how you can tackle the duties of the new job position in the letter. You can also make suggestions as how this can be efficient and save a lot of time or money in the last section of the letter.

  • Make sure that you send this letter in proper format and present it in a professional manner. You can highlight relevant points that will benefit the corporation and the new department. And also follow all the company policies and procedures before submitting the letter.

These are some ways and tips as to how to write transfer letters and if need be do attach supporting documents with the letters and copies of your degrees and certificates.

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