Transmittal Letters

In finance, transmittal letters are documents that explain what the document is and why it should be given and what the reader should do with it. These letters are usually brief and only describe what is being sent and the reason of sending it. If you choose a longer letter then you may summarize the main points of the proposal and give all the necessary information to the recipient. The transmittal letter would be send with the document or simply direct the reader where he can get the document. The most important of these letters is that they contain sensitive information for instance a password of a protected file in an electronic document. Hence, the letter is an important communication tool and also helps to draw the recipient's attention to the information in the letter which may otherwise be overlooked.

Transmittal letters is a brief letter that accompanies another document such as contract, proposal, report and draft. The main purpose of these letters is to communicate less formally about information related to the document but primarily not included in it. Here you can highlight information in or may be in the entire sections of the other document. Further you can communicate additional and sensitive information in the letter.

The letter generally contains about a certain project and or due dates. These letters are business letters and hence should be formatted accordingly. For example you should include in the letter contact information, recipient's address, salutation and closing. But before you write this letter, make sure you should always check and ask your instructor whether or not to attach transmittal letters to the report you have made.

Instructions on writing transmittal letters

  • Just like your business letters, include the name and address of the person who is receiving the concerned document with a follow up standard letter layout which can be in a block or a modified block.

  • The next thing you have to do is to state the name of the accompanying document and the purpose of it and who was it written for. If you have saved the document in an electronic protected file, make sure you use a password protected file, provide the password and the location of the password.

  • It also good if you describe how the document meets the previously stated goals and objectives which may be for example mentioned in the proposal.

  • Some key information should also be provided in the letters for example an assessment of a possible security breach. The information should be kept short and simple. Keep in mind the letter should be less formal and technical than the one you plan to introduce.

  • Learn how to give credits and mentioned in the document, people who played an important role in its development. Clarify the information and if need be make your assistance available in the future.

  • In the concluding lines, suggest or may be request an action that could be like a written verification by the reader after receiving the letter of transmittal and a deadline for revisions that if the document was accompanied with a draft or a signature or if introducing the contract or proposal.

  • End the letter with a sentence paragraph that establishes goodwill and gratitude by thanking or complimenting the recipient.

Significance of transmittal letter :

As it is mentioned earlier, the letter can contain sensitive information like the password of the protected file in an electronic tool. This will help draw the recipient's attention to the information that may be otherwise overlooked.

While writing your transmittal keep the following tips in mind:

  • Establish good will in the letter
  • Include deadlines and important dates and keep the letter as clear and neat as possible.
  • Identify the contents of the package of the letter you plan to send.
  • Answer questions that are not covered in the company literature.
  • Promote further sales in the letters by reminding the reader of the product's good qualities.
  • The perfect time frame of sending the letter is that it should be send along with the document it is suppose to introduce, so that it is not be ahead of time. You can also send it after the report or draft has been sent.

These are some ways as to how to write transmittal letters and what should be included and what you need to avoid.

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