Veterinary Internship Letter of Intent

Interns as you know are common and important in all areas of medicines of a veterinary workforce, in both academic and private practice situations. The veterinary internship letter of intent provides a great deal of information regarding a candidate and their potential. Make sure the letter of intent determines your goal and abilities so that you are easily chosen in between all the other interns. Also, it should be professional, interesting and succinct.

The nature of a veterinary internship involves performing tasks that are similar to a veterinary doctor but the difficulty of the tasks given is much less.

Before you write the letter of intent for a veterinary internship all you need to know that the letter should be written typically by a student who is trying to sell himself to a company which offers internship. These letters are however, geared towards the student programs or for the entry level position.

The veterinary internship program is highly beneficial for a veterinary medicine student as it will give the necessary skills from the practical aspects of veterinary medicine, before he or she begins practice. The intern will help to gain an in-depth knowledge about practicing the medicine.

The essential step for a pre-vet internship for entering the field of the veterinary medicine is by writing a proper letter of intent. This potential internship will help build a solid background in their desired level of work.

To start out, you got to list out some important points of your academic background, work experience, and other relevant course-work-particularly which could be biology, anatomy or pre-veterinary studies.

To write veterinary internship letter of intent, consider the following points:

The letter of intent should not be lengthy; one page length is enough. Proof read your letter to avoid any misspelling or grammatical mistakes in your letter.

People do get confused between a resume and a letter of intent. The difference is that a resume provides the candidate with the opportunity to describe what he or she have accomplished whereas the letter of intent provides an opportunity to describe what he or she might accomplish.

Sample Veterinary Internship Letter of Intent

Dear (Recipient's name),

My name is (insert your name) and I am a student of (insert the name of the institution you are currently studying at). I am writing this letter to express my interest in joining your institute as an intern.

I have worked on three major projects which includes a detail in animal behavior study. The results were compiled from survey responses. Computer statistical analysis was also used to study the behavioral study of the animals.

I am looking forward to discuss my qualifications and how I can add my abilities to your hospital/ institute. Hope to meet you soon. You can contact me at (contact details).


(Your Full name)

The veterinary internship letter of intent is the portion of the application that will be evaluated to determine if you can construct a well written and structured professional letter. As this is not a creative writing so do not include something like a metaphor. Make sure you fit the letter in a single sheet of paper. Keep a note that one main reason of eliminating a candidate may be due to a poorly written letter of intent.