Warning Letters

Warning letters outlines the rules that were broken may be in case of an employee it may be due to his or her poor work performance exactly. The letter which is a document is sent to the concerned employee and copies of it are placed in the employee file. Most of the time the warning letters used in an organization is to improve the performance of an employee. This is one important step so as to achieve a record performance. However, one should not take this as any sort of punishment. Rather the tone of the letter should be supportive and give the employee a chance to improve. Follow the correct format and rules required while writing the letter. The letter has to be clear and firm and must not look out of proportion. It should clearly indicate the consequences for not achieving the targets. Writing this letter is only an informal advisor or violations and not a final action.

Many organizations have systems that keep a check on what is happening in and around their employees. If the employee falls short of what is expected from him or her then this may be normal to get warning letters from the organizations.

The letters of warning are given to the employee when he or she does not perform up to the mark. This is purely an official letter which is written by one of the representative of the organization under some unavoidable circumstances. These letters are like red tags in the employee's record. But many companies give a few verbal warnings before they write the letter.

Warning letters can also be for payments, which a landlord can give his tenants.

Causes for warning letter

There may be several causes as to why an employee may get warning letter and some of them are listed below:

  • Unprofessional conduct which is against the rule of the company and the firm

  • Insubordination

  • Use of abusive languages and verbal arguments

  • Continuous of frequent absenteeism which are not of any genuine reasons

  • Successive failure to inform of the authority for leaves and is for long duration

  • Not respecting the management policies

Official warning letter

As the letter is issued because of inappropriate behavior by an employee, hence the tone should be firm but not rude. The reason for the issuance should be mentioned and dealt in the letter. Make the use of proper adjectives and words while writing the letter. It is always advisable to deal with the problem and not get personal with the individual.

  • Make two copies of the letter and one should be kept as acknowledged from the employee.

  • The words used in the letter must not sound insulting.

  • Mention the date on the letter and should be clear.

  • Keep the letter short and crisp as it should retain an impact.

  • Make sure you put all the considerations in the letter so there is no room for any ambiguity.

  • For conclusion you should be strict and give some time for the employee some time also referred as the demonstration period, wherein he has to follow the guidelines of the company.

Warning Letter Format

To: Employee name
Job title:

Administrator or the Authority
Job title
Subject: (Mention here what the warning is all about)

This letter is a warning briefing you about (write the warning pertains and what are the necessary repercussions of these are and also write the period during which he or she has to make the correction and rectify mistakes)

You are given more time (mention the form) of the projects and (write down the period) this has led to (state the repercussions)

Please bear it in the mind that (show him or her brief scenario and what it can lead to if it continues) Finally mention and give appropriate chance of being heard as take the employee consent.

Employee name:
(Employee signature)

Warning Letters for Tenants

Landlords can too send warning letters if their tenants do not abide by the rules in the agreement made by him. These letters are sent to get the tenant to modify his or her behavior or try fixing a problem before going to the court. This letter is followed by a notice of termination of the lease, if the necessary corrections are not made by the tenant.

These warning letters from the landlord are informal ways of resolving the problem. Hence in this case the laws do not have any specific information requirement on these notices.

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