What is a Business Letter?

A business letter is written in formal language. It is written for official correspondence between two organizations and organizations and customers, clients, etc. It has to be written in a style that is professional and with a right note. However, the writing approach can be modified based on the relationships you have maintained with the recipients.

It is used for various purposes like introducing a business, offering a business deal to other organization, accepting an offer, denying an offer, introducing new schemes for customers, extending business contracts, canceling a deal, correcting mistakes in invoices, returning goods, offering help, giving good and bad news, apologizing, etc.

It should be concise yet detailed. Being concise does not mean you must use several numbers of short sentences. It will sound unprofessional and would become difficult to compile them and understand the context. Unless you are conveying clear and complete message, the readers would not be able to fathom the matter. Also important is that the letter should not have any typographical and grammatical error.

Take a look at the following points that will help you in drafting a business letter:

Let's hope that we have made the definition of a business letter clear. Also the extra information about drafting the letter would help you accomplish your goal.

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