Writing a Goodbye Letter to a Friend

Parting is always sorrowful and when two friends part, it's very difficult for both of them to express themselves. Friend is like an ornament in prosperity; it is a refuge in adversity. When two persons become friends, both of them like the similarities between the two. They don't hate the differences as well. They share a sweet bond of love, trust and affection. This is why when it's time to part, both friends become overwhelmed. Being together is indeed a nice feeling and saying goodbye is painful after a long journey together. This is the occasion to write a goodbye letter to friend.

A letter can always serve as an effective medium to convey your feelings to someone. Unlike a phone call, one can always keep a letter as a souvenir. One can read it more than once and feel the essence of it through and through. A goodbye letter to a friend too is not an exception.

A goodbye letter to friend is an informal type of communication and so there will be no fixed format of letter writing. You have ample scope for your expression. You can even use heavy words in this letter. However, make sure that you don't end up in writing something very lengthy and prosy piece of writing.

In a goodbye letter, you should express the deep sense of sadness on parting; but at the same time, you should also be happy about the way your relationship bloomed and remained fresh for a long time. You should also be optimistic that you two would always be in touch even after parting. You can mention how you enjoyed being with your friend, how he/she was and will be special to you in life and how his/her absence will make a huge difference to you.

The letter should not be too long as reading lengthy letters is drudgery. The tone of the letter will be a bit serious but not too serious. You should look at the positive aspects of your friendship.

Here is a sample goodbye letter to friend. You can use this sample while writing to your close friend.

Date: 13/05/2011

My Dearest Friend Anna,

I am a literature student; but today I find myself faltering for words. I was planning to stay back here in London for post graduation; but ill health of my mom makes me leave London for good. I am happy in a way that I am going back home; but I have sunk into sadness with the thought that I won't be sharing the bench in our classroom with you. I won't be sharing the morsels from your tiffin. I won't be with you to have a long chitchat after college hours. I won't be with you physically any more.

These five years till graduation have been very special to me. I am fortunate indeed to get a friend like you. You as a student have always been brilliant. When I was with you, I didn't have any problems in my studies. You as a friend have always been a great companion to me. You as a human have always been my ideal. I have prepared a separate album in my mind of my memories associated with you. I am sure these memories will always make me relive all those moments that I spent with you.

Anna, when I came to London to have the college education, I was new to this big city. It was you who made things easier for me. You helped me get good accommodation and dining facilities here. You always stood beside me in each of my problems. You shared my joys and sorrows. You gave me the strength to face the challenges of my college life. Anna, I know I owe you a lot and howsoever I may try, I am sure I won't be able to repay your loan.

Let me tell you one thing. Whenever you need me, just give me a call and you will find me before you. I know I am going away from you; but I don't think we will feel the distance thanks to the easy means of communication that we have at our disposal. Keep in touch. Convey my regards to your mom and dad.

Your friend,
- Robert

This is how you can draft a goodbye letter to your friend. You are free to use some of the sentences from the above letter sample while writing your goodbye letter.

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