5 Things to Take Care while Listing the Education in Letter of Recommendations

When a referrer recommends a candidate for any position, he considers all the qualities that will make the candidate suitable and deserving for the position. Of all the key qualities, educational qualification is of primary importance. Educational qualifications display the candidate's knowledge in specific field and help to support his capacities of handling related responsibilities. If the education details of the candidate are not displayed the right way, the letter would fail in fulfilling its purposes. Hence, consider the given 5 things to take care while listing the educational qualifications in letter of recommendation.

  1. Relevance

    Give prominence to those qualifications that relate to the purpose of the letter. The reader will be interested in knowing more about the candidate, if he finds those qualities and abilities that match up to the requirements of the position. Writing contents in the letter that are irrelevant will discourage the reader from considering the candidate. Hence, list out those educational qualifications of the candidate that prove him eligible, suitable and deserving for the position.

  2. Letter Format

    Include the qualification details within the second paragraph of the reference letter. The letter begins with the basic details of the candidate and the referrer. As per the ideal reference letter format, the main body of the letter begins by mentioning the educational qualifications. Qualifications are the basic details in a candidate's profile. Hence, mention them prior to skills, experiences and achievements. Candidates can also include details of short-term certifications that will help you excel in your career.

  3. Passion towards the Subject

    It is essential to convince the letter recipient that the candidate has genuine love and interest towards his career field. This assures the recipient that the candidate would be eager to learn more about the subject and would always work hard to achieve laurels in that field. This assurance is important for the referrer in selecting the candidate. In absence of fondness towards the subject, it is difficult for the candidate to be enthusiastic and sincere towards work. Hence, stress on the candidate's passion towards his career field.

  4. Training and Internships

    Support the educational qualifications of the candidate by mentioning details of the training sessions or internships attended by the candidates. Internships are an opportunity for the candidates to put their knowledge into practice. It gives them a chance to experience real situations. They get to execute work as per the set plans and come up with sound solutions in case of problems. Hence, relate the educational qualifications with examples of training sessions to display your abilities strongly and effectively.

  5. Skills

    Knowledge can go waste if the candidate does not have the right skills to put the knowledge into practice. Hence, emphasize on the candidate's several skills that help him execute his work successfully. Give prominence to skills like the ability to introduce innovation in work, communicate articulately, make quick calculations, lead teams etc. These skills help to prove the efficiency of the candidate of putting knowledge into practice.

These are the 5 things to take care while listing the education in letter of recommendation. Go through these tips while mentioning educational qualifications and draft an impressive recommendation letter.

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