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As the pharmaceutical industry is growing by leaps and bounds, the demand for skilled as well as experienced candidates is also on the rise. The recruiters in pharmaceutical companies are known for hiring individuals based on experience, industry knowledge, and skills. To demonstrate you are the perfect candidate for the role, you should draft a succinct resume and use it to market yourself to prospective employers. As the recruiters are known to scan this document in less than 10 seconds, it is important to understand things to avoid as well as what must be included in the selling tool. Read on to understand more about how to write an effective pharmaceutical resume.

Decide on the format

Usually, a single glance at your document is enough for a recruiter to make his decision – whether to invite you for an interview or simply chuck the document in trash bin. So, before preparing your marketing tool, fix the format you will be going for – chronological, functional, or a combination of both. Mostly, employers are interested in knowing your current designation, and hence, opting for a reverse chronological pattern can give you a solid head-start over the competitors.

Add the basic contact information at the top

Once you have decided the format for resume, make sure it is appealing and easy to read. Moreover, always mention your contact details right at the beginning of the document. This will assist the recruiter in locating your mail address as well as phone number when he selects you for further round such as preliminary telephonic/video calls or face-to-face interview. So, mention your full name, permanent residential address, contact number, and professional email id at the start.

Write a succinct career summary

Most of the pharmaceutical companies want to hire professionals who have some experience. So, when you want to project yourself as the most deserving candidate as compared to other competitors, write a career summary instead of an objective. In this section, to grab the recruiter's attention, mention specific responsibilities that you have handled. It could include testing products or tasks related to sales. Use industry relevant terms in place of generic words to make an impact. Also, write a few skills that a recruiter would like to see in his future employee.

Mention past work history

While writing about your previous experience, do not include details of every single task you have performed for past employers. Instead, you can mention major responsibilities as well as actions taken to achieve the required results. The recruiters want to know the types of projects you have worked on, and whether you have handled projects similar to the company you have applied for in the past. For this, quantify your achievements and show them in bullet points. In addition to this, add keywords and mention the longevity for each position you have worked for as the hiring managers would like to know whether you stay at one place or long or are a habitual job hopper. Avoid keeping loopholes on your resume specifically related to employment gaps. If you have taken a break from professional life, be ready to given an articulate explanation regarding it, but never deliberately mislead about the dates.

Throw light on educational background

The recruiters sure want to know about your qualifications. Even if all information is not expected, write about the highest degree in the bottom part of the document. Furthermore, you can also mention the university you have obtained it from, year of completion as well as grade if stated in the job description. In addition to this, shed light on the professional certifications or training you have completed for the role.

Apart from the above mentioned sections, you can also include references as the pharmaceutical industry is driven by it. Moreover, you can come to know about the vacant positions from employees who are already working in that role, and it can increase your chances of securing that position. For more guidance, you can always refer to the pharmaceutical resume samples given on our site.

Sample Pharmaceutical Resume

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