Staff Accountant Cover Letter

Staff accountants are people who give and manage finances for organizations and clients. The accountant staff is supposed to handle different duties such as suggesting methods for cost cutting and making bills, paying them on time and making sure that the necessary taxes are deducted. Depending on the department where the accountant staff is employed they might have to handle collections as well. These professionals have a huge scope of employment in the industry. The main duties of the accountant staff will depend on the kind of industry he or she has been employed with, as well as their title.

There are many different types of staff accountants such as general accountant, who have to take care of tax matters, cost management, asset management, and budgeting. Some of the accountants who work with government organizations will also have to handle audits, bankruptcies, and fraud. Employees working in the accounts payable department will have to make sure that all the bills and different payments are made at the right time, while those working in the accounts receivable have to collect debts and payments. In addition, some of the staff accountants will also have to perform clerical duties, like forwarding mails, book keeping, typing, and filing.

Members in the staff accountant department not only should have great math skills, but they should also possess excellent verbal and written communication skills, as they usually have to communicate financial information to supervisors and clients. They must also be driven, be highly organized, should know how to solves problems, and be analytical. In addition, staff accountants should know how to work in a team or alone. If you think that you have these qualities and relevant experience then you can start sending out job applications. However, remember that whenever you apply for any job, you will have to send a personalized cover letter along with your resume. This article will provide you with an example staff accountant cover letter that will help you further.

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Staff Accountant Cover Letter Sample

Desiree McPherson
3552 Wilson Street, Oceanside CA92054

January 1, 2011

Joe Johnson
Ramon Ltd.
2916 Chardonnay Drive
Seattle, WA98106

Dear Mr. Johnson,

This letter is written in reference to the job posting of staff accountant, and I am pleased to send you my application and resume. I was very happy when I came to know about this opening, as I have been in this profession since the last four years.

I have completed my education with a bachelor's degree in accounting from Victoria College, and I also have a C.P.A. I have been working with Valmont Associates since last four years, and I have successfully handled the accounting books and financial records for more than 100 different public sector municipalities. As you will know after reading my resume, I have played a number of key roles in the position of staff accountant, and I would love to have the opportunity to give you the details in person.

I would appreciate it if you could organize a meeting as per your convenience. Please leave an e-mail at or call me at 760-967-5993. Thank you for devoting your valuable time in reading my application letter and viewing my attached resume.


Desiree McPherson

Your Signature

Enclosure: Resume

You need not write a lengthy cover letter to get noticed. A small and precise cover letter, which gives out your details, will be helpful as well. Remember that you will have to customize every cover letter before applying for a job. If you send a generic letter, then it will get trashed straight away. Also, make sure that you check the flow and correct the grammatical errors before sending. Good luck!

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