Accounting Technician Cover Letter

What a good resume might not be able to do, a cover letter can do the trick for you in your employment process. Only thing you need to know is the proper trick and format for making your accounting technician cover letter, which we will see in detail in the following section of this page.

Tips for Making the Apt Cover Letter

There are some simple and basic steps you need to follow for making your accounting technician cover letter. These steps can be followed to write any business letters. The first and foremost is doing a bit of research about the firms you apply in. For example, knowing the person's name whom you will have to have interaction with, say for interview, at least. This will come in handy for personalizing your cover letter.

Avoid any mistakes by checking the document twice for the same. It is best to get the letter typed and take a print out rather than writing it in your hand. Keeping the letter size restricted to just two to three short paragraphs is preferred. Now, we have a look at the format for writing the accounting technician cover letter in the following section.

Accounting Technician Cover Letter Format

Follow the old classic format of writing letters. You name i.e. the sender's name and address along with contact numbers are to be on the top of the page. If you are wondering how to format this section, you have the freedom of either putting it at the center or at the left. Putting it at the center automatically gives emphasis on your name and hence, is in a way easier for the recruiter or employer to spot whose letter they are seeing.

You can also add a reference header to the letter, similar to 'To Whomever It May Concern' in the letter, if you wish to. Refer to the accounting technician cover letter example below. Then, the body and conclusion of the letter also has a specific format. Though there is no definite rule when writing a cover letter for this post, it is better to stick to your facts and certain formal sentences, like we will shortly see.

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Accounting Technician Cover Letter Sample

Torque Earnest
13 -Howling Woods,
Wolverine Street,
Cell Phone - 12345 67890

Raven Shawn Michael
HR Manager
Super Accounting Technicians Recruiters,
Whirlwind Lane 23,
Mr. Michael,

I write this letter with interest in the position of Accounting Technician referring to the recent advertisement you placed in the firm's notice board. I happened to visit your firm on the 02/18/2011 and saw the recent notice for the vacancy of the said post in some of the reputed companies. Out of the companies listed there, I would like to apply in Expert Accountants Firm, as they deal with immigrated clients and I have a working experience of over five years in this field dealing with immigrants. I am well versed with the issues they face. My accounting technician resume attached along with this letter will speak the rest.

Thanking you very much for your valuable time and for considering my letter. Hope to get the opportunity to serve in Expert Accountants Firm soon.

Sincerely Yours,
Torque Earnest.

Enclosures: Resume, Accounting Technician Resume, Accounting Technician Certificates, etc.

So this was an accounting technician cover letter sample and hope this example provides you with a guideline to draft any cover letter in the future for yourself or for anyone else. Best of luck!

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