Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

An administrative assistant cover letter is an informal business letter which is written to the recruiting personnel or the employer for getting a better chance to demonstrate your qualities. The following sections which are divided into two parts, will give the general format and a sample cover letter to explain better what is expected in the letter.

Cover Letter Writing Tips

Find out and mention names of the people whom you are addressing. This is the first tip and point where you have started from. The idea is to personalize the letter and grab the attention of your reader. Show him or her that you are interested in the job offer.

Format the letter in a decent and professional way. Avoid any kind of decoration and unnecessary formatting like double underline, etc. Keep the font face and size set to a standard format. As for the content and alignment, have a look at the following format section.

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Format

Sender Details: This is the first section of the administrative assistant cover letter and has the name, addresses (postal as well as email) plus phone numbers. You may align this section to the center of the page or on the left, as we will shortly see.

Date: Followed by the sender's details section, comes the date on which you are going to post the letter. With reference to dates, please note that you mention them accurately, in any section of the letter.

Addressee's Details: Write the name, designation of the person you are addressing the cover letter to, organization's name and address, in this section.

Salutation: You can write Mr. /Miss. with the last name of the addressee while addressing in the letter.

Body: The body of the administrative assistant cover letter consists of an introduction and body that emphasizes on the eligibility criterion for the post.

Sample Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

Peter Sylvester
Carlos Housing Cooperative Society,
Queen Elizabeth Street 5, Sector 5,
Washington - Eastern
E-mail Address -
Contact Number - (509) 4567 890


Paul Remo
Human Resource Officer
Administrative Department
International Tourism Services,
Subway No.9, White Marble Avenue,
Washington - Eastern

Mr. Remo,

Re: Application for Administrative Assistant

I write this letter as a response to the vacant position of Administrative Assistant in International Tourism Services. I saw the notice for the said post's vacancy in the Government Employment newsletter on the 03/08/2011. I believe working in the travel and tourism industry requires practical knowledge and useful contacts with people in different cities. It helps in emergencies, for example, when our vehicle breaks down or is stuck in the mid way somewhere on the highway, we can avoid our customers from being stranded from long hours in the mid of nowhere.

I have seven years of experience in being an administrative assistant in various sectors and I am sure I am the right candidate for you. Following are some of my credentials that I think you will find useful.

You may want to check my resume and other documents. I have enclosed copies of the same with this letter. Thanking you for your time and in anticipation of your call.

Yours Sincerely,
Peter Sylvester


Hope this administrative assistant cover letter format and the sample help you to draft your cover letter. Following the above mentioned tips, you cannot go wrong in making a strong impression on the reader. So wish you all the luck!

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