Administrative Support Cover Letter

The biggest advantage of writing an administrative support cover letter is the job description itself. There are and can be so many things included in the job profile that you do not have to think much on what to write. You can highlight any number of jobs you are deft at and mention whatever substantial contribution you have provided in your previous work experiences. Cover letter is a formal personal letter wherein you have a chance to portray yourself as one of the best candidates for that particular organization where you are applying. No doubt your resume is impressive and you have everything you need to shine through but the undeniably important factor in the job market is to convey it. That is what recruiters and employers see whether you are capable of expressing and showing outcome or not.

The administrative support cover letter consists of just two basic things. Which post you are interested in filling and what are the reasons for the same. If you wish that from the many resumes and applications piled up on the recruiter's table he should pick up your resume and call you for an interview, cover letter is the thing which will make this happen. Although cover letters are recognized well, not many people are as confident to write one. Take the benefit of the situation and utilize this tool to your advantage. You have nothing to lose but have to be well prepared for whatever you mention in your cover letter. The following is an example for simplifying the explanation.

Sample Administrative Support Cover Letter

Reeves Matt
Buckling Apartments, Flat No. 903,
Abraham Street - 7,
New York City.
E-mail -
Phone Number - 324-412-6193


Sylvester Daniel
Human Resources Officer
Administrative Department
Bank of New York
New York

Re: Application for Administrative Support

Mr. Daniel,

With reference to what my friend who happens to work in your organization, Administrative Support Mr. Sam James, has informed me regarding the hiring plans of Bank of New York, I write this letter to you expressing my desire to be a part of the firm. I referred to the open notification posted on the notice board that you need people with some specific experience, like:

I am happy to state that I have been handling such work since the last five years and am quite deft with these. Communication, hospitality and interactive skills are my plus points apart from being confident, a fast learner and a dedicated worker.

I earnestly hope that we meet to talk on this further and having a fruitful association in the near future. I am sure you will not regret hiring my services.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely Yours,
Reeves Matt


Keep the structure of the administrative support cover letter the same as given above and follow the same format, everything on the left. Simple, to the point and yet giving extra details than your resume is required. Do not make the cover letter a replica of your resume as it will not serve your purpose. Help the recruiter by giving in details of what is relevant to him for the job profile. As they say 'give them what they want' applies here. Be prepared with your homework and surge ahead. With best regards from our team we wish you success.

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